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One Thing at a Time

Posted Sep 21 2011 9:26pm

I am exactly half way through my diet shake up!  Woohoo!  I am 3 weeks into the 6 and I’m feeling good.  Since I decided to really focus of eating 100% healthy for 6 weeks, I’ve actually been feeling great!  No junk food, no soda, no alcohol, and I’m doing ok!  Do I wish that I could go get a big meal out to dinner for restaurant week?  You bet I do.  But I know that I really need to focus on one thing at a time to get back to where I was.

Tonight for dinner I had some steak!  I was cooking for one because Joe had other plans, so it was the perfect opportunity to have the one steak that’s been sitting in my freezer.  I cut all the fat off, cooked it dry, and ate it with an apple and some spinach. 

001 003

Right now, I am learning how to focus on one thing at a time.  This is true with living a healthy lifestyle as well as crossing off things from my “to-do” list.  Even though I’m not going to go back to intense workouts for 3 more weeks, I’ve been thinking about my race plans.  Although I was heavier before starting the diet, I was in pretty decent shape. 

I decided (after a lot of thought) that I would not run what I thought would have been my first half marathon, Rock and Roll Philadelphia half marathon, which was last weekend.  I was training for it during the summer, but I missed some of my long runs.  Then I went on vacation, and I decided not to exercise at all.  After missing a lot of important training, I decided to switch gears and shift my focus to something that definitely needed more work, my diet.  This meant not running in the marathon last weekend.  It made me a little sad, but I think I did what was best for me.

I am signed up for the Philadelphia Half Marathon which takes place towards the end of November.  I think that in 3 weeks, I am going to begin officially training for it.  If I feel like I’m struggling, I am definitely going to wait until Disney Half Marathon in January.  If I’m feeling good, then I’m going to go for it!  I am not going to put pressure on myself to run the entire time or finish with a certain time.  I am going to challenge myself to finish the race with a smile on my face and do the best I can. 

I do know that my training plan is going to involve VARIETY.  I have some spinning and rowing sessions that are expiring in the fall, so I plan on a spinning day, a rowing day, 3 running days, and a day of yoga per week.  I’m actually really excited to get started! 

philly marathon

Time to check some things off my “to-do” list now…one at a time of course!

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