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Posted Oct 22 2008 10:00pm
THE BIG MEAL OF THE DAY: Leigh's Strawberry Oatmeal Spinach Frittata - Joy's Way

Strawberries - 282 g
Oatmeal - 89 g
Eggs - 4
Egg whites - 6
Chicken - 5 oz
Mozzarella cheese - 56 g
Garlic clove - 10g
Apple - 1

Calories: 1422
Protein: 131.64
Carbs: 111.59
Fat: 44.76
Fiber: 10

I baked all of this together. I'm not sure that's what I was supposed to do but the recipe wasn't totally clear.

This is a good meal because it's like breakfast and lunch and dinner all in one with chicken, eggs, and oats. I didn't use the spinach in Leigh's recipe and I also put in an apple. I'm glad I added the apple, it really made it sweeter. The first couple times I ate this I felt like something was missing. For the last two meals I put some salt and cinnamon on it. I'm not sure that's what was missing though. But it definitely needed something else. Maybe it needed to be sweeter? I think next time I'll be some agave nectar in it.

Today was my off day. I walked about 2 miles when I got home from work just to do something active.

Max out pushups:
1st time - 21 PUSHUPS
2nd time - 24 PUSHUPS
3rd time - 22 PUSHUPS

5x fish oil pills = 5g
1x multi vitamin
1x calcium +D pill

WATER: 144.2

WEIGHT - 130.8 lbs (down .8 lbs since yesterday)
BF% (Tanita Scale) - 25.5% (up since Sunday - although I never believe this number. I know it's not accurate)
WAIST - 28.5 inches
HIPS - 34 inches

This was a good day. One more down. I've been really hungry at night. I tried to eat everything a little later today but I'm still hungry. Maybe it just doesn't satisfy me the 5th time I eat it?

Oh and I passed up a REALLY good looking and smelling birthday cake from Coldstone. Man I wanted some. But I'm sure it would not have even been worth the calories. Those kind of cakes never are.

I made tomorrow's meal tonight and I am not so sure about it. I don't think I figured in enough pasta sauce. We will find out.

Tomorrow's big meal: Pasta with chicken and salmon
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