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Posted Oct 28 2008 11:07pm
  • I really do have to watch every little calorie I put in my mouth
  • I will lose weight eating just 1421 calories. No matter how high my activity level is this isn't too low to be at for a few weeks.
  • I hate pushups but they do amazing things for my upper body,
  • I can drink more than a gallon of water a day and not go to the bathroom all the time. My body needs the water!
  • I can cook! Well I can do more than just heat things up in the microwave. I'm not so good at complicated recipes but I'm learning.
  • I can post half naked pictures of myself on the internet for everyone to see! YIKES!! This was a tough one but I'm sure glad I got past my fear and did it.
  • I STILL constantly think about food and when I'm going to eat next. grrr....I don't know how to not do this. But it does help to take out the grazing aspect. I'm done eating my big meal and I know I will not be eating till the morning when I start my next big meal. I also don't stand in the kitchen thinking about what I'm going to eat next. Or how many calories I need to eat or fat or protein or carbs. That's nice. I just do it one time.
  • I don't really like being social with most people if there isn't food involved. I say most people because I have a couple friends where it's just as fun to go hiking with them as it is to go out to eat with them.
I'm sure I've learned more but those are my random thoughts for now. 20 more days to go!
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