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Once upon a time. In the land where Miz was OprahForADay…

Posted Oct 15 2008 8:03am


A company who came to the Bumbling Band seeking our opinion.

A woman who WANTED our thoughts & input on workout apparel (both hers & in general) and desired, in a way, more the criticisms than the praise.

A company who wanted to know how to better reach & meet our needs as exercisers, as women (sorry, guys, it’s just that Oiselle is a women only apparel company), and as unique individuals.

I’ve not forgotten that Sally took the time to ask us our opinions and, as a result, find that when I need running gear (for myself or as a gift) hers is the site/brand I turn to first.

Ive not forgotten that the majority of apparel brands (both small & ginomous) seem not to care or even be curious who I am (we are? might I drag the entire Bumbling Band into my post?) or what defines me/my wants/my needs.

I was more than pleasantly surprised that Quaker, an enormous company in its own right, cared enough to reach out (as did this woman ) to the blogworld, spend time with us/our readers, and get to know what we want, who we are, our likes & dislikes—–the whole proverbial nine.

Which all led me to wanna do a mass viewer mail.

A Bumbling Band open letter to the brands which serve us (this time? apparel peeps. next time? the world. FOODSTUFFS).

You know, just in case they happen to be clickclickclicking on by our neck of the woods or I print and mail this off to their pr peeps. either way.

Dear Companies Whom I Know Long For Our Purchase Dollars In This Tight Economy,

First, know that, for the most part, we entirely appreciate your efforts. We know that you arent setting out to make us feel oldoverweightlumpybumpyunhiptooshorttootallthickythick even though you frequently do.

By accident.

In the generous spirit of saving you countless dollars in research moneys here are our collective .02.

Know me. Take the time to figure out who I am (Im happy to tell you all about myself) and embrace this realistic picture of me not whom you *want* me to be.

If you are going to have bloggers on your website please make sure you have bloggers of all ages. All demographics. All sizes.

Sure it’s great to enter the age of social media but it is not so great if, when I click to your site, I only see lovely, made-up to perfection, perfectly coiffed ladies aged 24 writing about staying in shape.

Me? Im not so lovely many days, 24 is fo’ shizzle in the rear view mirror & staying fit grows far more difficult after age, well, 24.

Show me you know who I am.

Partner with things I care about.

Ill even get you started: the environment. cancer prevention. literacy. fighting poverty. getting our kids out there playing & exercising.

Let me see you know I’m more than just a woman who works out. Let me see you realize I wear many hats and many of those while sporting your apparel!

Im a mom, wife, sister, friend, daughter, worker, volunteer, writer AND exerciser.

Oh, and the always mentioned yet bears repeating: give me options.

Shorts in varied lengths. Pants in varied lengths & fits. Cup sizes a-z. Clothes which dont ride up. Clothes which dont slide down. The list is a long one….but we’re happy to furnish upon demand.

Please to be more than just my clothesmaker.

Give freely online training tips, suggestions, ideas for my workout, thoughts on healthy eating all without asking anything in return/turning it into a sales pitch.

I promise you, the more you give the more I will probably purchase.

OK, People. There are my musings to get us started.

(yep, that flash of black you just saw was my handing the reigns over to you)

What do you want? What needs of yours arent being met?

I know Im a curmudgeon at times but Im confident I didnt nail everything in the missive above.

Please to hit us all up in the comments because, well, we never know who mightcould be listening…

(curious about all this from a MARKETING & BUSINESS perspective? clickclickclick on over to BackInSkinnyJeans and see what Steph has to say!)

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