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Om wearing BLAKE BRODY yoga shoes…

Posted Jul 14 2012 4:18am

and I like it.

For those of you playing along at home I AM still in the mode of saying ‘no thank you‘ to most offers for product reviews.

As a reader it isnt what I like to typically see on blogs (Im nosy. I want your thoughts, feelings and navel-gazings) and I always assume you’re precisely as I am.

So Ive decided to say no to reviews.

Until I change my mind…as every misfit reserves the right to.

I opened the email from Blake Brody on a day where my back throbbed , my allergies raged and quite frankly I wanted nothing more than a surprise in the mail I didnt have to pay for.

And the fact said surprise would be something Id HAVE to wear to yoga in order to review (hello free motivation!!) was more than a little bonus.

You see, the Blake Brody shoes have no SOLE:

Oh. Did I mention I was a SUCKER for the HEART?

They are designed to be worn DURING yoga and, since they have no bottom beyond the gripper, misfits like I cant get em, wear em around, & never use em for yoga (greetings 99.9% of my running shoes).

The grips offer traction, ENHANCE our feets sense of the ground & allow for complete pointing and flexing freedom.

The arch of the sole-free shoe is designed based on foot mapping and helps protect against cramping while NOT hindering movement.

It’s pretty cool technology .

And did I mention I was smitten with how they looked and felt?

They were like a pretty foot-glove covered in hearts.

The Tornado as foot model. When did she get so big?!


While I loved the look & feel of the Blake Brody studio shoes my hesitation was two-fold:

  • Would wearing them practically announce to the class I was NOT a yogi?
  • Would wearing them to class inhibit my ability to feel GROUNDED?  The feeling I most seek from yoga

My answers were NO and NO.

I should know myself better than to think I would care what other people thought (*cough* misfit *cough*).  I brought the shoes.  I slipped em on.  No one said a word (till after class when a few women asked where Id gotten them).

I also found they did NOT inhibit my ability to feel as though yoga was grounding me.  I didnt feel the sense of having ‘shoes on’ and more than anything wasnt distracted by the studio shoes either.**

I adored them.

What didn’t I love?

My first inclination was to say the price ( they arent cheap ) yet the fact Ive perused the online boutique over and over and DROOLED is an indication —at least for me—-they’re not too overpriced.

Are they necessary?

Heck no.  That said, Im all in for anything which helps me look forward to yoga in a way I dont normally.  Some of you may not need props and prod’ings—-I do. Im not there yet.

Would I recommend them?

I really would. They’d make a fantastic gift —-to a woman in your life or to me to yourself.





**I havent done hot yoga in the studio shoes yet. Im a sweater.  I wonder if I shall drown my poor lovely heart topped shoes during the 90 minutes of poses? Ill keep you posted.  The shoes are treated with anti-microbial & anti-odor so there’s that BIG saving grace…

FTC the shoes were free and a kindasorta early birthday present to me!  The yammerings of love, allergies and back owies are all my own.



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