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Posted Jan 14 2010 8:15am

Despite our best intentions old habits die hard. The compulsion to repeat bad habits is common for many reasons. We tend to repeat what we feel comfortable with, as a result change is hard. When lifestyle changes are needed I am a firm believer that it all starts with our thoughts. By taking the time to think about your desired lifestyle changes and goals will help to isolate changes that need to be made. My advice is to always work smarter not harder.

Tools to help change those bad habits.

Own the habit- Be honest with yourself.
Goal set- What behaviors need to be modified or changed in order to reach your goal?
Go cold turkey- Sometimes it is just easier not to have the temptation around. For example, if you really love rocky road ice cream just don’t buy it. After awhile you won’t even miss it. Remove the temptation.
Substitution- Replace the evil temptation with something healthier.
Reinforce and encourage your positive changes.
Keep a behavior modification log. I always find that writing down behaviors whether good or bad helps to keep us honest.
Reward- at the end of the week give yourself a great big reward.


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