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Oblique focus.

Posted by gbtimmon

Before i ask my question i want to supply a little background information, so i don't get a "you just need to lose the weight" answer i saw when other people asked similar questions on this sight.

As of December 28,2009 i was a 5'10" male who weighed 190 pounds with a bfp pf 35.4%, and had been told by my doctor i had crossed over officially from overweight to obese at my last checkup.

January 1, 2010, resolved to work out every day for a year. 

as of April 20, 2010 I have a program which has me working 2 hours a day average (1 hours of running ~ 7miles and focused gym time each day of the week) 

I now weigh 150 pounds, and have a bfp of 10.2%
(my ocd comes in handy when it come to sticking to work out programs :) )

So i'm at a point where i worried about continuing to lose weight at the same speed as i was before and i think 150/140 is the weight i need to maintain. 

That being said, one of the draw backs of the weight lose is a lot of lose area witch are rather bothersome now, and i would like to tighten.  My father is a plastic surgeon, i understand skin tightening, muscle toning ect. The most bothersome of those is the oblique and the area above the triceps. I look quite muscular at this point but i look like "muscular but just lost a bunch of weight muscular".... because thats what i am....

 I had be doing mason twists, but i heard that they open and expand the obliques, which does not sound like i want, i would rather them tighten and grow closer inward. The weight i used to have has given me a "large frame" and given that i am only 5'8" i think i would prefer a more narrow tighter look.  Is this an issue i should even be worried about? are there other exercise that will work to tone rather then to grow the muscles?

And for the area above the tricep, would you call that just lose skin?, should i try to lose more weight/ how low should i go with my bfp before its to low? Is there a muscle i could work to tone that?

THanks for any all all help you guys can give!


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