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November Kettlebell 200 Swing Daily Challenge, Day 24, I Got Stoned

Posted Nov 01 2010 12:00am

Want to know how to change any behavior, any habit? We made a promise, and here's the answer:

1) Identify the habit you wish to change.
2) Identify what you want to change it to.
3) Raise your energy level
4) Practice the New Habit
5) Fail successfully
6) Start over again.
Most people fail because they
1) Know what they don't want, but not what they want.
2) Don't raise their energy level before attempting the change
3) Don't understand the cyclical nature of life: you have to fall off the horse many times before you really learn to ride.
Anyone who has maintained a regular exercise routine knows these things, organically: in other words, they already know everything they need to know to succeed at anything they may ever wish to be, have, or do in life. The secret of how to transfer those skills from one arena to another has been hidden...
Until now. Beginning tomorrow, you will discover TACFIT Warrior: The Science of Mind-Body Exercise
And your life may never be the same.
(Pssst! Want a peek at the future? Did you know that certain types of exercise can actually improve cognitive function--make you SMARTER?
Tomorrow you'll have your chance to download a TOTALLY FREE mind-body workout challenge, just a little "peek" at the kind of exercise program your grandchildren will take for granted! )
But today...check this out!

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