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November’s Fit Point: My #1 Eating Tip for Holiday Eating

Posted Nov 29 2010 7:21pm

This month’s fit point:

It’s the holidays and though our Canadian Friends had their Thanksgiving weeks ago, we are coming up on ours as well as Christmas. I associate Christmas with food. Baked goods, hams, parties with sweets or fattening treats and well, drinking!  How do you deal with the holidays and the overeating done by many Americans around this time of year?

To be completely honest, my eating habits really don’t change that much between Thanksgiving and Christmas or any other time of the year. I put much of the blame on my stomach which I guess I’m somewhat thankful for. I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth and I’m not a big drinker either. My stomach will get really upset if I eat too much sugar or salt and I never feel good after a night of drinking.

I am guilty of overeating (which is something I did do on Thanksgiving) when I have holiday dinners. It’s hard not to because there is so much food to try and it all smells and tastes excellent!

My biggest piece of advice in dealing with all of the available food is to just sample each food item that you want to eat. I never take too much of one thing. Instead, I just take a small spoonful of each item I’d like to eat. This way I don’t have to skimp out on everything and I also don’t indulge too much on “bad” foods.

What I find more troubling is that Christmas is only 27 days away! Where does all the time go?

For more tips on holiday eating and how to avoid weight gain, read Chantel’s 4 Smart Tips for Healthy Eating & Avoiding Weight Gain During the Holidays .

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