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Not Everyone Is Meant to be a Size 0-6

Posted by Rebecca S.

The verdict is out and science has finally proved that some people are genetically predisposed to weigh more. The new study shows that people with two copies of a particular gene variant have a 70% higher risk of being obese than those with no copies- among those of northern european descent (the only group studied so far) that is 1 in every 6 people who is genetically engineered to have a difficult time keeping the lbs off! Professor Andrew Hattersley from the Peninsula Medical School explains, "Our findings suggest a possible answer to someone who might ask 'I eat the same and do as much exercise as my friend next door, so why am I fatter?' There is clearly a component to obesity that is genetic." That doesn't mean that weight cannot be controlled with diet and exercise, but I think its important for everyone to acknowledge that two people can eat and exercise in an identical fashion and one will be heavier because of their genes- not because they're not trying hard enough... so don't worry about what anyone says. If you know you're doing your best to take care of your body and you still don't look like a waif- its simply not what nature intended for some of us!! Don't compare yourself to anyone else when taking an exercise class. Its hard not too, but just remember who you're there for---YOU!
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I have a tall, slender body type and my sister is medium height and curvier. I got the legs, she got the breasts. We could eat and exercise the same and end up at very different weights. She'll also gain weight more evenly and I will gain it exclusively in my lower body. So it's not just your family but also the body type you get from your family.
You are so right when you say that it's important for everyone to acknowledge that...etc. I would like to hope that everyone could stop judging everyone else. The worst thing we do is assume we are better than someone else just because we are thinner or prettier or smarter...when if you get right down to it, we're none of those things. Everyone is different; if we were all the same, there'd be no fun in that! That said, we should all strive to be the best "self" we can be, working out and working on good eating habits. We should definitely NOT try to be the best anyone else we can be though! We can never be just like someone else, so why even try?
I guess that is why across countries, there are differences in shapes. That's why it's difficult for all women to fit into the same size jeans. That is a good point by Terera J.- that we should just try to be the best self that we can.
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