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NoSugarVember DAY 30!

Posted Nov 29 2011 5:31pm

We have completed another successful challenge, NoSugarVember ! What an awesome way of reducing sugar in our diets and transforming how we feel. Not only that but many of you have got rid of kilos that were lurking around.

Abs4Xmas will be the preceding challenge from NoSugarVember as we have already developed several good habits from this challenge to take into the next. Be aware that as soon as you loosen the reins with your diet (e.g have a chocolate bar here and there, which turns into a weekly binge) you will no longer reap the benefits of removing the sugar in the first place.  Now because I celebrate Christmas, I'm fully aware of the limits some of you may put on this next challenge however there will be an allowance day of Christmas (25th December) for you to indulge. We will pop on an extra day 1st Jan 2012 to make up for this!

So, how do I get value out of all the hard work I did for NoSugarVember? Easy, you follow this plan and just keep on going!

NoSugarVember For Life Plan

All the time foods/beverages
1. Water- Consume at least 2 litres minimum. Weight loss needs water, bodies need water.

2. Vegetables of all colours and sizes- You need over 5 serves (cup) per day. Limit your intake of sweet potato, corn and potato (they produce a higher insulin response to the body so green is the way to go. If you want to consume the starchier veggies do it on training days)

3. Fruit: 1-2 x low sugar fruits per day- Kiwifruits, berries, grapefruits, melon. You can juice these fruits but what's the point? You remove all fibre (the good part about fruit) and you wont get a lot of juice from 2 pieces of fruit. Just pop them in your mouth and chew my friends! Try C coconut water if you want a cold beverage.

4. Dairy: Full fat products only- Natural yoghurt, cottage cheese and milk* (*if you have any diary intolerance's and quite literally feel amazing from not having have dairy in your diet this past month, especially milk, then I suggest to leave it out. You can get calcium from many other sources other than milk and soy). Aim for 2 serves per day

5. Grains: Rice (brown/wild), quinoa, amaranth, millet, spelt, rye, barley, oats. 1-2 serves per day will be sufficient. If you limited your grains during NoSugarVember and felt good then consuming reduced amounts are definitely beneficial. You will get enough calories from proteins, fats and veg & fruit

6. Proteins: Meat, chicken, eggs, fish, whey protein, tempeh (fermented soy so ok!). Consume at least 3-6 serves per day). Don't get too anal about fat/skin on meats. The right saturated fat is ok to consume. Remember is making us fat not fat itself!

7. Fats: at least 2-3 tbsp of good quality Olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, seeds or nut butter or avocado (1/4-1/2) per day

8. Coffee/tea: 1 per day (can be caffeinated or swiss water method decaf)

Limit to monthly or special occasions:

Wheat, pasta, alcohol, Asian meals using sweet sauces (just try to avoid them)

Alcohol: Aim for under 6 standard drinks per week. Always include alcohol free days in your week. It's much more enjoyable to drink at occasions rather than every week. Trust me I know! I banned alcohol for 6 months. Stick to wine, low carb beer, rum, gin and vodka

Also you may find having a weekly or monthly cheat meal (eating whatever you like for 1 meal) works well in your plan. I'll leave that up to you. I strongly recommend trialling it and finding if it works for you. You still need to stay away of the NEVER EAT FOODS though and always go quality over quantity. For example: Indulge in an organic chocolate bar or a grass fed beef burger. Don't go through the Macca's drive thru for a burger or skull a V...that's just nasty!


Processed foods, processed oils (vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils, etc) sugar (in the form of glucose and dextrose not fructose or fructose/sucrose based foods like soft drinks, juices, lollies), artificial sweeteners and HFCS (High fructose corn syrup). HFCS isnt widely used in Australia but it's always good to be aware.

Coconut rough balls
G's Chocolate truffles
Nut butter
Nutty Berry Parfait
Salad of Baby Boc, Tomato & Basil
NoSugarVember Frozen Yoghurt
Leftover Chicken salad
  Healthy Fajitas
Tuna & Fennel Salad
Chicken Pesto Salad
Faux ceasar salad 
Spinach Frittata
Dietlicious Arbian beef 

Products I love and that support us with our staying as close to sugarfree as possible (under 6g sugar/100g)

The Muesli 97% Sugarfree 
Raw cacao powder & chia seeds (available from all health food stores)
Coconut magic Coconut oil and products
Miessence antixodiant powder
180 Nutrition Protein Powder
Mielle Dijon Mustard
The Food Company Tahini
Bills organic bread (available from Coles and Woolies)

Thank you ALL so much for your support with NoSugarVember and following me on Twitter  (Make sure you all say hi to me so I can follow you if I don't already!). I felt like it was the kick up the ass we all needed. Now on to Abs4Xmas and we are set for the new year! Bring it on

How did you all go with NoSugarVember?.........

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