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Normal Push-Ups Getting Boring? Try These Today!

Posted Sep 21 2010 6:30pm
If there's one move that you will find in every workout from Jillian Michael's to CrossFit to Bootcamp to Prison, it's the lowly push-up. (Pushup? Push up? Whatever.) For good reason too, they work your shoulders, back, chest and even your core. But let's be honest, push-ups have their drawbacks. They can be hard on your wrists. They can give you neck or back pain. They can be too difficult. Or they can be too easy, depending on your skill level. But for me the real downside is how boring regular push-ups get. So today the Gym Buddies and I take you into our gym to show you 33 variations on the push-up (and one mammoth fail!). Try one today!

To get a taste of what the Gym Buddies have to put up with from me on a daily basis, here is me demo'ing a gorilla push-up (I voted for calling it a "guerilla" push-up but apparently I'm not tough enough to pull that off). I went into it absolutely sure I couldn't do one and then surprised myself so much by doing one (for reals!!!) that I screamed a very unladylike scream and then hit the floor. Enjoy (12 seconds)

And because everyone's favorite part are the Gym Bloopers, I've left all our mistakes in the full video! (Look for cursing, falling, geometry confusion and one very awesome Mary Katherine lunge - these girls crack me up every single day.) But here is, hands down, my favorite mistake, wherein I crush poor Allison like a cockroach (7 seconds)

Without further adieu, enjoy our Ode to Weird Push-Ups! (It's 4 minutes but totally worth it! At least watch our attempt at sketch comedy in the intro!)

If you get this through e-mail or a feed reader, please click through to the site to see the videos. Thanks!

What is your favorite push-up? Think of any we missed? What exercise do you find realllllyyyy boring?
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