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NLP Hypnosis: Using Hypnosis to treat Insomnia.

Posted Nov 11 2008 10:01pm 1 Comment

Are you one of the 20 million Americans who have trouble sleeping or requirement medication to help you sleep? Is a good night sleep elusive for you? Well, although you can take some comfort in the fact that you are not alone, today millions of people suffer from what we call acute insomnia. Nevertheless, Insomnia can be treated. With Hypnosis Insomnia therapy, restless night will be a thing of the past. You do not have to go through the dreadful night of tossing and turning and waking up grouchy anymore with this treatment. By now, you would be asking yourself, what is Hypnosis Insomnia therapy?

To set the record straight, hypnosis is not sleep. Medically speaking, it is a state of mind where the level of consciousness which has been altered. While in this level of consciousness, the mind becomes highly receptive to suggestions. Thus with this form of therapy, you can actually make unconscious suggestion of uninterrupted sleep. By going into a state of deep relaxation, you can program yourself to sleep better gradually. After a few sessions, your mind will be imprinted with the programming. The form of programming is very effective, as countless people have benefited from this form of treatment.

Stage two of the program calls for you to discover the cause behind your insomnia. You might not realize it; some habits can be disruptive for a peaceful night sleep. Therefore, it is important to seek out the cause and eliminate them. In fact, this is a crucial part of the hypnosis insomnia therapy.

The most important part of the Hypnosis Insomnia therapy program is NLP, which is short for Neuro-Linguistic programming. What this program entails is that it reverses the patient’s emotional and thought processes, which were the underlying reason for the acute insomnia. When a patient emotional process is reversed, the negative anxiety feelings are reprogrammed to feelings that have a more soothing effect on the patient. Even then, it has to be noted that the level of anxiety should not be too high otherwise; the programming will not be effective. To help enhance the hypnotherapy treatment, therapists also uses visualizations to block out the stress felt by the patient. Since the programming has a permanent effect, the “feel good” factor will remain throughout the whole day for the patient even until he goes to bed.

Another method used for curing patients of insomnia is the Ericksonian Hypnotic Metaphor program. Using this program, the therapist will use metaphor to enable the subconscious mind to remove the feeling of anxiety, which disrupt sleeps.

Previously we had discussed that self-hypnosis is a good way to control or completely finish off insomnia; but since it is not always possible therefore learning to pamper yourself with a post-hypnotic therapy irrespective of time and place is very important.

The good thing about this sort of treatment is that, it is not harmful. In addition, a third party cannot harm you in anyway by programming you because your subconscious mind cannot be force to do anything against your will. Furthermore, This treatment only takes 30 minutes per session. With such a quick turn around time, you mind is already imprinted with the “messages” to dispel all your anxiety that causes your acute insomnia. As such, it is a wise choice to consider this form of treatment in the future if you suffer from insomnia.

However, there are exceptions to the rule where this form of treatment does not work as all. Those who have an IQ level of less than 10, those who are senile or psychotic are very difficult (sometimes impossible) to treat using NLP. This is because these people have very low level of concentration or motivation. We all know to succeed, in anything in our lives, we must be motivated.

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Great Article. Thanks for sharing such a great information. When I have suffered a lot because of sleeping disorders I have tried lot of ways but nothing worked later my friend advised me to try hypnosis from which helped me to sleep peacefully and I am able to get good confidence and self control.
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