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Night running on Kelly Drive

Posted Dec 29 2010 8:26pm
Tonight I went on a chilly night run on Kelly Drive with Kate from one of the running clubs I've been running with!  We had a good run, and I did 4 miles for the second time.  I always feel super accomplished when I finish a new "far" distance for me without stopping.  4 miles in 46 minutes isn't half bad.
Lots and lot of layers

Pre-run photo shoot
Yup, I know what you're thinking, and I probably should wash my hair tonight...
Kelly Drive

I ended up driving to Kelly.  It was the first time I've ever driven to a run, but I sort of liked it.  Usually I walk or bike to this area, but it's 5 miles round trip.  So in addition to my 4, that's a lot of time out in the cold.  I think driving to some of my running venues may get me through these long cold winter months.
Today, Katherine left me a comment asking what cold weather gear I use to run outside in the winter.  Here are some things I recommend, but I am in no way an expert!!
1) Base Layer - for this I have been wearing cold gear "under-armour."  I use that term loosely because the past few runs I've been wearing the Nike equivalent.  It's usually just as good and cheaper.  It's nice and warm, yet moisture wicking for when you sweat.

2) Running jacket - I got a mizuno running jacket early in the fall and definitely was wearing it pretty early in the season (probably unnecessarily).  My jacket protects against the wind, and is light yet insulating to keep you warm but not feel bulky while running.  While searching for a picture online I saw it really cheap at  Get it while it's hot haha.

Mizuno Elixer Women's Running Jacket

3) Gloves - I just bought a pair of under-armour running gloves off amazon.  They weren't that expensive, and they are kind of like liners.  Thin and soft.  They do the trick though and sometimes towards the ends of my runs I even take them off.  They also have little grippies on the hand part which sometimes but not always work with my iphone which usually needs skin contact.  That might be a pro for some of you.

4) Ear protection - Originally I bought a North Face headband at a running store.  It's nice...but it is a tiny too big.  I feel like it puffs out around my ears, while I would prefer a tight headband for maximum warmth around the ears.  Today I rocked my Burberry ear muffs over the headband.  I wear these babies to death in the winter, and they are my favorite winter accessory.  I just don't wear them to bars because I'm afraid I'll lose them when I take them off.  I got mine at a Burberry outlet for a good deal and am seriously thinking about getting another pair in case anything happens to these.  Also Charlotte wears them while running in Sex and the City.  Therefore it's a must.
5) Leggings - I have 2 pairs of under-armour cold gear leggings that I run in.  Occasionally, I have a pair of looser fitting Nike running pants that I can put on top of the leggings for extra warmth.  It's usually just for my peace of mind though.  I hate the cold so much that I'm always worried about being cold and wear too many layers.  I guess I'd rather be safe than sorry.  
6) Neck warmer - I just got this from Santa, but I really wanted it!  He always knows best.  It's the best option for covering your neck without being bulky and long like a scarf.  Mine came with a nice hood that was extra creepy when I put it on.  If I wear the hood low and the neck warmer high, I can basically have everything covered but my eyes.
such a nerd.
So those are my tips.  I've been sporting a vest lately too, but I don't actually need it and tend to overheat towards the end.  I would just always rather be hot than cold and miserable so I err on the side of caution.  Hope this helps!
Anyone else have any tips for cold weather running apparel?
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