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New Year’s Resolutions MizFit Style.

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:42pm

This is, supposedly, a huge day in the diet & fitness industry. The day all the gyms & diet places prey on encourage you to sign! up! now!!

Me? I’m not a resolution maker.

We’ve talked about my vision board ad nauseum & the fact that I am a big believer in personal and fitness mission statements.

For me every day is an opportunity to revise my goals/personal vision so I typically set no new goals at this time of year.

This year is no different except for the fact it occurred to me that, a year ago, there was no MizFitOnline yet.

A year ago Id not have imagined how full my life would be because of the writing & dialogue we all share here.

So this year I have a goal. An addendum to my vision board which is simply to stay open to all the world might present to me.

To take risks (as MizFit was, in my eyes, a risk) and be open to new experiences.

With that I give you a sampling of bloggers/people & their take on resolutions.

They are listed in the order they responded & are merely a smattering of the people for whom I am grateful.

TB’s Journey My r esolutions are usually very vague, like exercising more, losing weight, etc. This year, I’m focusing on something more specific. I want to make sure I make time for myself. As a stay-at-home-dad, I’ve got to make sure I get out of the house to exercise 4 times weekly. Selfish, but will keep me sane! I’m toying with running at least 10 miles weekly rather than focusing on daily steps.

Sahar of Fat Fighter TVOkay, for 2009 the biggest thing I want to do is not to stress over the little things that bug me (like I tend to do), especially around the house -if the toilet seat is up or if the toothpaste is squeezed the wrong way, sowhat? Just take a deep breath and move on.

Vered of Mom Grind I love New Year’s resolutions. Self-development experts recommend that people have a “life list” in addition to their daily to-do list. New
Year’s is a good time to start, or review, your life list because it’s easy to remember and it comes, predictably, once a year.
I actually do my own resolutions on the Jewish New Year, which is indeed a holiday of deep introspection. But the idea is the same: you think about
your life, your long-term goals, who you are, who you want to be, and decide on necessary changes and adjustments, then make a true effort to implement them during the year.

Chris of Sonic Tap My one and only only goal this year is to get the site launched finally and stop planning/talking about workout playlists and get back to working out. My waistband is protesting my time away from the gym.

Cranky of Cranky Fitness My general motto is “healthy living is a pain in the ass.” So my goal in 2009 is to find new ways to exercise that I hate less than the old ways.
(Besides running, which I actually do like but it trashes my aging knees).

Hungry Girl I don’t really make resolutions because I don’t like to disappoint myself. In 2009 I hope to be able to continue to make fitness a regular part of my life. Thanks to my TIVO I don’t foresee things changing much. Bad reality TV + treadmill = FITNESS FUN FOR EVERYONE! Woohoo…

Leo of Zen Habits: I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions simply because they’reusually statements like, “I promise to be more …” or “This year I will …” and these are statements that are rarely put into action for very long. I believe instead in changing habits with habit-change principles that have worked for me in the past. And I’m changing habits all the time, one at a time, from exercising to eating healthy to writing early in the morning and more.
My new habit for the New Year: floss every day. I floss now but I’m inconsistent. :)

Karina V of Mexican ViewDoing exercise at least four days a week, half cardio (in my case, running, the exercise I like most) and half weight training. - Slowly adding healthy food to my family’s menu, one dish a week, so (hopefully and after convincing them, hehehe) most of the food we eat will be healthy by the end of 2009.

Andrew of Go Healthy Go Fit Although I have used New Year’s resolutions in the past to get rid of really bad habits, for the last few years I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t believe in them. I believe that consistency in a healthy lifestyle is the only way to make yourself a stronger, healthier person while slowly but surely allowing your body to become attuned to enjoying the little things in life! After adopting a healthy and fit lifestyle, a strawberry is sweeter than a candy bar and the satisfaction of being active outweighs the ease of being lazy!

Charlotte of the Great Fitness ExperimentMy 2009 resolution? To make my home a safe haven. A place where I can be and my kids and husband and friends can be where we all feel loved and happy. Priority number one: making family dinners a priority every night.

Leslie of NeverSayDietFlat out, my resolution is to focus on my health and get my neck and hands better. This needs to trump everything else - washboard abs and a tight butt mean squat if you can’t write or hug your husband. I’m relearning how to type, doing my PT exercises religiously and trying HARD to be patient. If I can go for a simple, quick job by May 14…one year from hurting my neck…I will be delirious with joy. My priorities have chaged in a major way and I resolve to not forget what I’ve been through or where I can go.

Meal Mixer Marianne (M-Cubed?) I resolve to like myself the way I am. After months of exercise (hey, I even gave my workout clothes their own dresser drawer this month - yep, moved them out of the plastic bin under the bed), it appears that this–is it. So I guess there’s nothing left to do but blogbitch. I’m in.

Sagan of Living Healthy In The Real WorldI don’t like the pressure that comes from New Years resolutions, so rather than force myself to make resolutions at this time of year that I might not want to make or be ready to stick to anyways, I set up goals and resolutions and challenges throughout the year at any given time- that way, I’m making
progress doing the things that I want to when I’m good and ready to do them.

Juliet of Yummy Diet FoodI’m not big into new year’s resolutions, but I do like “one month challenges”. In the spirit of the new year, I am planning on challenging myself to never eat after 8:00pm for the entire month of January (even if I get home late). I want to see if it helps me feel healthier and lighter.

Mark of MarkSalinas.comNew Years is a time for me to review my many paths along my journey. Do I need to alter or stay on course?

Mark of Mark’s Daily AppleNew Years resolutions have always bugged me. If I’m inspired to start a new program or aim for a new goal - as I am all year long - I want to get started today. I have no interest in putting it off until a magic first-of-the-year date somehow legitimizes it. Grok “turned over a new leaf” every day (literally…looking for grubs).

Kim of Kim WritesEvery year I used to write out my resolutions, then seal them in an envelope labeled ‘Do Not Open Until Dec. 31st’. On New Year’s Eve, I’d open last year’s resolutions and see how I fared. Usually I was pretty good, but certain resolutions just kept getting carried over from year to year, and that made me feel hopeless. Then one year I forgot to do the ritual, and I never returned to it. I realize I’ve done better at reaching my goals by not making one big proclamation, but rather by checking in on a daily basis, and remaining flexible if my goals need to change. Sometimes they do. Now my resolutions are a fluid thing, except for certain big ones, the Big Dreams, and rather than being resolutions, those are more like absolute eventualities. I just keep working at them as if they’re happening any day now, because I know they are. Some are already real!

Lance of The Jungle of LifeThis year there will be no resolutions. Instead, I’m choosing a word - one word - that will focus me in, on really a different level. That one word will be my cornerstone throughout the year. My guide throughout whateverthe year will bring.

Shauna of DietGirl I don’t make resolutions; I just like to set a few goals for the year to give me focus. This year my goal is to train for and complete the Sea to Sea cycle route, a 140 mile journey from West coast of England to the East over three days. It passes through some really lovely parts of the country such as the Lakes District, so it’ll be a nice but grueling holiday for a complete cycling novice like me! I’ve only ridden my bike once on a proper road and I’m scared of going down hills, so I have a lot of work to do. And on a non-fitness note, I want to learn play bass guitar. My husband plays and I want to have a try instead of just watching him. I think I’ll start with the Deep Purple standard, “ Smoke On The Water ” because it doesn’t have very many notes!

Jennette of Pasta Queen. Make resolutions anytime you want to, but aim to make only 2 or 3 a year and you’ll be more likely to achieve them. If you’re splitting your focus between 6 different resolutions, you probably won’t do any of them well. If you focus your time and energy and just 2 or 3 it’s more likely you can make them happen.

Lyn of Escape from ObesityI love the *fresh start* feeling after Christmas; I am energized by the New Year so I find it a great time to make new commitments to myself. In 2008, it was all about weight loss. But this year, the healthy eating and exercise are *already* an ingrained part of my life; weight loss will naturally come along with that. So my resolution for 2009 is to catch up on my kids’ photo albums and get some photos hung and framed on my walls. It’s something I’ve wanted to get done for years, but never found time. This year, I’ll do it!

Nitmos of Feet Meet StreetI don’t make resolutions until the end of the year. Goal setting is some much easier when you look back to see how many hurdles you already knocked over.”

(Ill give you a minute to process all that. There’s some good stuff there, huh?)

Now you, oh wisewise members of the Bumbling Band.

Did you resolve? Do you never resolve?

Did you resolve and, as I have in years prior, already break your resolutions?

Are you resolution-free & more a Vision Board person who is simply searching for your ikigai?

please to hit us all up in the comments.

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