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New Year’s Resolultions Fail At An Astronomical Rate, Seek Help

Posted Feb 05 2011 2:19am

For every 100 people who made New Year’s Resolutions for 2011, 88 of them will fail.   That is a 12% success rate.   If failure is so prevalent, why do so many people enthusiastically make these resolutions with such high hopes and great intentions only to give up before their goal is achieved?   So many people follow those that have come before them, vowing that this time will be different.   However, in the end it isn’t.   If a New Year’s resolution has legitimate chance of success, those who are making them need to seek help to achieve them.

A quick stroll through a bookstore in December and January clearly illustrates this idea.   At this time of year, just about every book about diet, exercise, organizing your life or getting control of your finances are at the front of the store.   Passing by these books without stopping is near impossible when one of these topics is on your mind.   The problem is that most people don’t have the time to sit and read these books while the problem still exists.   They want to tackle the issue right then and there.   The best thing to do is find an expert on the issue and spend some time with them going over your current situation and explain what you hope to achieve.   These experts can advise you on a plan to help you get from point A, your current situation, to point B, your desired position.

If making your living space more livable, many people consult with an organizer.   The idea of clearing out those closets, filing papers, and organizing old photos can seem daunting and overwhelming.   A quick consultation with an organizer can really bring some order to your domestic chaos.   In a one-hour consultation, an organizational professional can give you tips on what to keep and what to throw out, what papers to shred and what to file away for safe keeping, and what methods are best for different items or spaces.    For those who need a little more hand holding, you can also hire an organizer to work alongside you while you go through each closet and drawer.

Your accountant would be a good place to start if getting your finances in order is your priority.   If you’ve been with your accountant for a few years now, they will be a great resource.   They understand your income flow, your needs from year to year, and the future implications of your current financial status.   You may also consult a financial planner who can do an expert analysis of your current financial status.   Financial planners can also help you set money aside annually for retirement and/or college for the kids.

The most popular of all New Year’s resolutions is to “get in shape”.   Many people run, no pun intended, to their local gym and catch the current new member special before it expires.   They jump on the first piece of cardio equipment, throw a few dumb bells around like they did when they worked out in college, and then a few weeks later, they are burned out, bored, and have given up.   The sensible solution is to hire a personal trainer.  Personal Trainers NYC will help set up a program that will help any person reach their goals. Whether a goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or train for a marathon, personal trainers NYC have the tools to devise the right program for one’s set of needs.

There would be a dramatic reduction in the failure rate of New Year’s Resolutions if people would seek out the assistance of a professional in the relevant field.   Whether your needs require and accountant, professional organizer, or personal trainer NYC, no one should be afraid to ask for help.

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