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New Workout!! Are you ready???? Set??? Go!!!!!

Posted Jul 08 2013 2:37pm

This workout I like to call the Accumulator. So, how the accumulator works is you do the first exercise, then go to the second, then back to the first, second and add on the third and so on (so you continue to accumulate always starting back at the first exercise). You can either do 10 of each exercise or set a timer for 20seconds on and 2 seconds off. Take a break when you absolutely need to, but push yourself for as long as you can.


Have fun and let me know what you think!!!


Planks (all kinds hold for seconds at least)

add plank jacks (10 of everything )

add pushups

add In/out abs (hold planks and bring knees in and out to chest)

add mountain climbers (try to keep head up so you can go into the jumping lunges)

add jumping lunges

add deadlifts both legs (these are doing more than you think)

add back leg pulses (just pulse the leg back from the deadlifts)

add pendulum lunge

add hop into side lunge

add curtsey squat with a jump

add prisoner getups (this is where you almost die)

This is an amazing cardio and strength workout, where you will burn tons of calories and feel it the next day for sure.  Hope you enjoy!!!


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