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New Gear

Posted Aug 10 2009 4:33pm
This week has not started off well. Actually, this past weekend wasn't too fantastic either. It has nothing to do with fitness but everything to do with life in general. That is a whole other matter all together, unfortunately. I was able to get in a five mile run yesterday in between the thunderstorms, hail and tornado's. I ran the bike trail along Bear Creek and made the return trip on the horse trail. I prefer the horse trail to the pavement any day because of less strain on my joints. Plus, the scenery is better and makes the time go by faster.

Have I mentioned how much I love Daily Mile (here is a shameless little plug to my profile if you want to by my buddy) and runner's in general. Runners have to be the most motivating individuals ever. When one of the running buddies noticed I hadn't posted a workout, I got a great message of encouragement. That is what busted my butt to get the 5 miler in yesterday. There was also a little challenge throwdown yesterday with a group of people. I caved and will be running 100 miles in the 10 weeks. When you break it down, it really isn't too difficult. The plan is to do one 5-mile, then two shorter runs during the week. We shall see how it goes.

I purchased some new running gear a while back and I am now in love it. I got two new Under Armour sleeveless T's - you know, the ones that feel like cotton. LOVE EM! One in pink and one in white. I also picked up two new pair of Reebok running shorts and two new Champion sports bras. These are my first Champion brand sports bra's and I don't think I will ever go back to the ole Speedo's that I used to buy. I am a mix of everything and definitely not dependent on one brand. Next on the list is a new pair of running shoes. These are racking up the miles quick and losing the arch support even quicker.
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