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New Fitness Craze-Chainsaw Madness

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:02pm

Newest workout discovered. Burn a ton of calories and feel the burn from your toes to your ears. All you need is one tree(preferably dead and hard as stone), one chainsaw and a couple of hours.

I have a tree in my backyard that has been leaning at about a 15 degree angle ever since my daughter and about five of her closest friends decided to climb on it. I remember watching them through the kitchen window as it slowly began to lean to one side. Before I could get outside to tell them to be careful, the tree had decided to relocate to a horizontal position on the grass.

I've been meaning to cut it down ever since. This weekend was the end of "meaning to", so I did. I rented a heavy duty chainsaw and decided to get busy. I told the rental company that it was a small tree and I would be back in about an hour. Three hours later..... I returned the chainsaw accompanied by blisters, tree shavings and oil splatter.

I don't know if the chainsaw needed to be sharpened or if the tree needed to be softer but it wasn't easy. I think I could have cut it down just as fast with a butter knife. I cut, sliced, hacked and kicked. By the time I was done my heart rate was in the red zone and I ached all over. Fortunately for me my daughter caught it all on her camcorder so I was able to relive it with a lot of laughs, at my expense, later that evening.

So put on your goalie hockey mask, grab a chainsaw and join the latest fitness craze.

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