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New Ear Buddies

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:05am
I have freakishly small ears. I went more than two decades blissfully unaware of this fact. That was until I bought an iPod and discovered that the Apple-issued ear buds were not compatible with my ear holes. No matter what I did to position them correctly, they would pop out. I’ve spent too much time during runs tracking down a stray ear bud, putting it back in position while the other ear expels the other bud. When they pop out simultaneously, I feel like my head may explode.

I bought a cheap headband-style set so I wouldn’t have to deal with the ear bud issue. It couldn’t pop off my head, fortunately, but it never really fit in my ears either. Then on a recent jog, it shorted out, leaving me with sound in only one ear. I was left with no choice but to buy new ones.

I debated buying a pair of ear buds that were from the same family as the ones that fall out of my ears. They were surrounded in rubber, making me think they might “stick” in my ears. Smart me, however, decided to splurge and spend the $20 for a different pair of JVC “marshmallow” headphones.


I’m so happy with my purchase. The sponge-like buds expand in your ears for ultimate staying power. I actually did a happy dance when I realized they wouldn’t be falling out of my head—and they stayed during the whole vigorous jig. They come in a rainbow of colors to suit anyone’s taste. Small ear-hole freaks unite! — Erin

Interested in a pair? Check them out here!

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