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New Discoveries on Fibromyalgia? – Your Diet and Exercise

Posted Oct 14 2010 11:29pm

I have spent a considerable amount of time and research as it associates to ones diet and how it can affect health. In fact, Ive written several articles on diet as it relates to specific illnesses.

Since, there is not much research when it comes to diet and fibromyalgia. I have focused primarily on the feedback I have received from my clients.

My program has shown them the most hope to alleviating their Fibromyalgia symptoms, many, if not most, stated that a change in diet was also key.

Fibromyalgia is a disease which affects both the muscles and connective tissues. Its main symptoms are chronic pain in addition to the extreme pain when touched even gently.

Other symptoms include: extreme fatigue, sleep disturbances including bruxism (tooth grinding), hard time breathing and swallowing.

So many times my clients have written to me telling me their doctor said, Its all in your head. Fibromyalgia has had a long history of not being accepted as an actual medical condition by many doctors.

Thats an infuriating thing to read, let alone hear in person from a doctor who is supposed to care. Recent studies imply that could actually be the key. While no known organic cause can be found, many are now starting to believe that fibromyalgia is a psychological condition.

That’s not to say that these are imaginary symptoms of pain. In fact, this same research indicates that those who suffer from fibromyalgia have a heightened sense of pain, meaning, those of us who normally don’t register stimuli as pain, will register it if we suffer from fibromyalgia.

It follows a pretty common sense approach as far as diet goes. The main foods to avoid are: chocolate, coffee, alcohol, foods high in salt, fried foods, high fat foods, white flour or sugar, carbonated drinks, Nutrasweet or saccharine and tobacco (although not technically a food).

Keep in mind that this is a preventative approach ” avoid foods that can further stifle an already suppressed immune system (like alcohol). Stay away from high fat foods which are known to cause lethargy. Avoid fried and high salt foods which can cause the body to swell, and lead to further pain.

Breathing and relaxation exercises are also recommended. Be careful though, with exercise. Overdoing it can actually trigger painful symptoms. I highly recommend my Fibromyalgia program. Its results have been amazing!


Christian Goodman has dedicated his life to health research and found solutions to many serious conditions. You can learn more about him on his natural health alternatives blog where you can read about his solutions for several conditions such as hypertension, snoring, and his phenomenal natural treatment for obtaining fibromyalgia help .

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