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Negative Calorie Foods Diet Tree

Posted Aug 28 2010 10:32pm

Negative calorie foods are an idea that comes up often to anyone who does research online about weight loss. There have been many arguments over this particular weight loss plan, but there’s no question that there are many imitators who are basing their dieting plans around some of the same ideas as negative calorie foods.

Many diets are based at least in part (if not entirely) around foods that appear on the negative calorie foods list. This includes the grapefruit diet, pineapple diet, and cabbage soup diet, just to name a few. Obviously vegetarian diets will have a lot in common with negative calorie foods, as well, since all the foods on this list are either fruits or vegetables.

One of these diets, the pineapple diet, involves eating pineapple all the time. Pineapple is one of the fruits that appears on the list. While there are many different styles of this particular eating plan, all of them involve eating a great deal of pineapple, a similar eating plan to the often much maligned negative calorie foods diet.

The cabbage soup diet is an extremely popular off shoot of the negative calorie foods diet. The daily soup is almost completely full of only negative calorie foods, and then vegetable broth, to boot. One day also has only fruits on top of the soup, while another has only vegetables. This diet in a ton of ways mimics negative calorie foods.

If you want another example, then just take a look at the grapefruit diet. Grapefruit appears on the list for foods that might have negative caloric effect, and the grapefruit diet certainly doesn’t shy away from the idea of people eating these over and over again. It’s a great healthy fruit, and no wonder that someone would start a fad diet around this one.

Vegetarian diets are going to have large portions that mirror foods found on the negative calorie list because all negative calorie foods are going to be fruits and veggies. The huge difference between the two is that a vegetarian eating plan will be complete and include grains and rice, while the list is there to supplement an eating plan, not be the end all be all of dietary restrictions.

These are just a few of many diets that seem to branch off from the idea of negative calorie foods. While none of them are likely to admit this, the eating plans and emphasis on certain types of foods making up the majority of the diet are similar ideas.

All arguments aside, you’re not likely to ever find someone who says eating more fruit and vegetables is a bad nutritional choice. Negative calorie foods are all about the fruits and veggies, so no matter what type of arguments remain this diet is likely to stay around.

If this article intrigues you and you want to know more about negative calorie food , please feel free to check out that page or else this blog that includes a list of negative calorie foods . Thanks for reading.

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