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Natural Treatments For Diabetes Type 2

Posted Jun 30 2010 5:07pm
In the USA alone there are around 21 million people who now suffer from some form of diabetes. But of these around 95 percent of them are suffering from Type 2. Because this is the much severer form of diabetes many are looking at other alternative ways of helping to treat and control the condition. The reason they are choosing to use diabetes Type 2 natural treatments over more conventional ones prescribed by their doctor is that they are proving to be much safer.

Below in this article we take a look at what kinds of natural treatments people are now using in order to help treat and control their Type 2 Diabetes. It is also important to note that the ones we have chosen to discuss in this article are readily available by going to your local health food store or by going online.

1. Ginseng – Is very effective however in studies carried out the most effective type of Ginseng for treating Type 2 diabetes is the North American (Panax Quinquefolius) form of this herb. In studies carried out it has been found that not only does it control blood sugar but also glycosylated hemogobin levels in those with this form of diabetes as well.

2. Chromium – Is an essential trace mineral and plays a part in helping the body to produce sufficient amounts of insulin for the body. Also this particular herb is effective in playing a role to control a person’s carbohydrate and fat metabolism as well. But it is important that when looking to use this to control Type 2 diabetes you avoid the one known as Chromium Picolinate as this can cause side effects in a person.

3. Magnesium – Yet another mineral that the human body needs to function properly and which helps to control the production of insulin. The best sources of foods from which magnesium can be obtained is nuts such as pecans and walnuts, along with green leafy vegetables and whole grain foods as well. Another way of ensuring that your body is getting sufficient amounts of magnesium is by taking a supplement.

Otherwise you may want to take a magnesium supplement as well. But if you do you will need to keep to the recommended dosage as too much and you may suffer from other health issues, such as diarrhoea, nausea, loss of appetite and low blood pressure.

4. Cinnamon – Another effective natural treatment for Type 2 diabetes that also tastes great as well. Studies have been carried out on this spice, which have shown that it again contains properties, which are effective at helping to control a person’s blood glucose levels.

5. Zinc – Another mineral which is essential to the human body and which not only helps in the production of insulin but in the way in which it is stored within the body. The best way of getting zinc is through eating such foods as pecan nuts and walnuts, split peas, egg yolks as well as ginger root, beef liver and almonds.

Along with the above-mentioned diabetes Type 2 natural treatments there are plenty of others which are considered to be effective. But what is important that if you wish to consider using any kind of natural treatment for your condition you need to discuss the matter with your doctor first.


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