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Natural Selection: Can you Morph?

Posted Jan 15 2009 11:46pm
Well I kinda gave away what this post is about right off of the bat. We are all blessed or cursed (depends on how you see it) with a natural body type. This largely due to our genetics (thanks mom and dad) and is something that is pretty much irreversible. As you can see by the picture above, there are three different body types classified as Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. For most of us, mesomorph is ideal and pretty much the entire reason we hit the gym week in and out. Although we cannot reverse the way we were born and decide to come out a mesomorph, can we change it?

Who Am I

An ectomorph is someone who is usually a bit tall and skinny as a rail. Ever said to someone “I can’t gain weight”, then you are an ectomorph. These people are commonly referred to as “hardgainers” and complain of a fast metabolism. They can eat everything in site without gaining weight and completely piss off any female around them because of that. I myself am naturally an ectomorph who has spent the better part of my adolescent and adult life trying to change that.

Endomorphs, I don’t know what it is like to be in your skin... well personally at least. But luckily you make up a solid part of clientele I have had the pleasure to train. You guys are the ones who say “I can’t even look at a chicken breast without gaining 5 pounds”. The good thing for you is, the muscle is easy to get a hold of. The hard part is leaning out and getting a six pack. Do you love lying on a bench with somewhere around 400 pounds on the bar in hand, but won’t take your shirt off in the pool?

Mesomorphs, I have one thing to say to you F*** Off! Just kidding, you guys have it made though. Has anyone ever told “You can do nothing and still look jacked”? You guys have the physique or at least can easily have the physique that we all want. Muscular and ripped without really having to work hard at all. Next time you see your parents or grandparents, give them a hug, a kiss and say thanks for making you the best morph possible.

How To Change It

Guess what ectomorphs? You aren’t going to hit any crazy growth spurt that turns you into this natural freak of nature. You have got to lift your ass of and eat until you want to throw up, if you want to get anywhere near David Boston. Yeah at some point in your life gaining weight may get easier, but then you have to worry about it turning into fat weight. If your goals are to put on mass and look like a mesomorph heres what you do: 1) Lift way harder than you thought you were lifting. Whatever you are doing is not enough, unless you are enlisting the help of a substance (do I have to name it?). 2) Stick with lower reps (8 at the most), higher sets (4+) and get ample rest in between exercise sets. 3) Eat, eat and eat some more. Don’t stuff your face with 3 double cheeseburgers after a workout, but crush some food. I gained 25 pounds in 3 months by drinking two 1,200 calorie shakes a day, on top of what I was normally eating. Oh yeah, those shakes came after each of my workouts in that day (yeah I was doing two-a-days). Look up these workouts: German Volume Training, Escalating Density Training, Insider Contrast Method.

Yeah David Boston may be the definition of a Mesomorph

Heres the game plan endomorphs, don’t eat anything and consistently tour the cardio section of the gym. That was complete sarcasm, well not totally but ignore that last sentence. You guys have to chill out on the eating. I know you think that you can just spend an hour lifting and an hour doing cardio and it will all be good. Has your body composition ever really changed when you did that? Cut out the carbs unless it is fruit or vegetable and reserve the fruits for the morning rather than night. If you have to eat starchy carbs go for brown rice. Do not starve but split up your meals into a bunch of small snacks. The same goes for the workout, it would be better to do 4 sessions at 15 intense minutes a piece each day, as opposed to two hour session. The important thing for you guys is heart rate. This means that you need to get that heart rate up very high (85-90%) each workout. Really intense (heavy) lifting will get your heart rate up, or doing ballistic or plyometric movements (jumping or throwing med balls). I don’t care what gets your heart rate up but the key is getting it there and keeping it there for a few minutes. Recover only back to about 65% your max heart rate then get back to work. Since you want to still look muscular when the body fat comes off I suggest getting your “cardio” sessions in your weight lifting by moving some heavy stuff really fast. If you insist on cardio, do not do that 60 minute fast walk thing on the treadmill. Do some interval springs by going out on a track and sprint 100 meters then walking 100 meters a few times. If that is too intense then go 100 meter sprint and 200 meter walk or whatever works for you. Look up HIIT, or Escalating Density Training.

Considering the title of this little section is “How Do You Change It”, its almost pointless for me to write anything here. The way you change it is by eating like a dummy and not lifting at all. Since you are already at optimum body type you have to work to lose it. If you are blessed with the mesomorph body type it is easy for you. Don’t make us ecto’s and endo’s pissed by sitting on the elliptical, chatting to the hot chick next to you for an hour. Yeah we may be able to flirt with that hottie too but instead we have to put in the work by the weights. At least put in some hard work, even though it doesn’t have to be as intense or long for you as it is for us.

Now that you know your body actually has a scientific type, realize you are not alone. I hope you have been doing the stuff that I recommended for a while not, if not start tomorrow. Until next time... Lets Morph!

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