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Natural Remedies for Losing Weight – Colon Cleansing

Posted Aug 17 2010 9:35pm

Have you ever though of this before – why you have a stomach pooch (aka protruding belly), powerful food cravings or Candida infection. No one want to discuss this openly, that’s why you never really talk about it. No one discusses constipation , irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence and bloating, unless it’s with their Doctor. And for sure you would not know that internal cleansing may lighten your load considerably. Imagine losing up to 40 pounds by just cleansing your colon and other internal organs. Hard to imagine, hey? Try looking at it this way. Everyday you clean your teeth and take a shower or bath. Why wouldn’t you also take care of business inside? The colon is well known to be the sewer system of the body and would distinctly benefit from a good cleansing.

What are the symptoms of toxic waste problems? The colon need to be clean if you are suffering from the following, low energy, frequent fatigue, chronic constipation , bloating and gas, excess weight and bad digestion. There’s a method to detoxify your body that starts with using specific herbs to clean your colon of all toxic plaque, parasites (yes, parasites that live in our bowels normally) and other debris. While doing this, you will also have to replace a good bacterium that protects the flora balance in your intestines. This is a vital part of a healthy immune system. . This is a vital part of a healthy immune system.

Step three in your cleansing and weight loss program would once again use herbs to detox your whole body. Herbs like flax seed, fennel seed, slippery elm bark, licorice root and psyllium husks can be used in an herbs program. Normally a 3 month supply of herb product will be part of a colon cleansing program and must be taken in the recommended order as subscribe on the packaging. We need to realize that toxins have been building up in our body for years because of a poor diet lifestyle.

You will need to make other lifestyle changes for a continued weight loss , such as change your diet to healthy foods and increase your exercise levels. We don’t need the exercise with our diet but it will take longer to loose weight.

If you don’t want to use herbs, there are other programs available. In fact one actually uses oxygen to clean the bowels. It is usually regarded as a quick fix rather than a long-term program, but may work for people who prefer to take capsules and not make fiber shakes. I still think the colon cleansing program is the why to go to loose weight.

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