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National Women’s Checkup Day & The Great Tattoo Reveal (video post).

Posted May 12 2009 3:49pm

Whether you decided to join in the Woman Challenge or not—-TODAY is a very important day.

Today, May 11, isNational Women’s Check-up Day.

It’s the day to set aside all of our irrational fears ( “what if there’s something wrong? I’d rather not know!” “what if my doctor looks at me and thinks: Good G-d has she *gained* weight since last visit?” ) and love ourselves enough to take care of the only body we have.

It’s the day set aside for us to focus on SPEAKING UP and being heard.

It’s the day to take the time and make a list of all the questions we wanna ask our health care practitioners so we don’t forget anything in that hurryinandhurryout fifteen minutes we have their undivided attention.

Hell, print out this checklist for health if you want (I did), grab a hi-lighter & have at it!

Mark the things you have questions about.

Mark the tests you wanna ask about.

Mark the screenings youve been remiss in getting.

Use this interactive health screening tool (send the link on to a woman you love perhaps?) if you dont know where to begin—-JUST START.

Today’s the day.

It’s like the day at the library when they forgive all the late fees.  If you’re behind on your checkups—make today the day you call and schedule an appointment.

You’re worth it.

(*cue lovely music* which acts as a perfect segue to:)

With the launch of the Woman Challenge& my announcement there’s no way in hell I’m logging my workouts in their activity tracker, I’ve received a number of comments/emails asking for specifics with regards to my current workout routine.

(if by routine you mean catch as catch can —–which I do.)

If you’ve inquired—-your answer is below.

(If you’re a longtimereader you may commence rolling your eyes, stomping your feet, & whining that you know all this already.)

And, if you’ve tat’quired, a video is here.

The art is not yet colored (& a little TMI) so, if you choose to watch, perhaps brace your collective selves…

Monday MishMash Post complete.

MizFit OUT.

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