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Naked Workout?

Posted by Lela D.

This is just gross. Those crazy Europeans have done it again. Recently a Dutch gym started a program called "Naked Sundays" where it is apparently appropriate to pump and step in nothing but what your maker gave you. To keep it all sanitary, the nude exercisers will be required to put towels on weight machines and cover bicycle seats with disposable covers. Sorry, there is not enough disinfectant in the world for me to work out in a place like this. And I don't know about you, but I have enough time choosing shorts that don't show the jiggly stuff. Who really wants it all hangin' out? Maybe it's motivating for some people, but I'm sure it won't catch on any time soon.
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I don't even want to see my cellulite much less some one elses.

It may sound crazy, but it probably is all for getting attention to increase membership to the club. In the states there have been similar promotions like singles night at the gym and ladies night at the bars and who knows what else.

Singles Night's got nothing on Naked Night - all day long! Can you say staph infection?
haha , thats weird
Do not think this is about the work out. I am in pretty good shape but I will pass.
I do not think this is about the workout. I am in pretty good shpe but I will pass.
This is going way too far. The invention of the sports bra is one of the biggest invention for women who exercise. Just imaging trying to run on the treadmill naked with everything flying around. How uncomfortable. Plus, that is just too much visual. ewww...count me out
Trisha - I hadn't even thought of that! This is starting to look like a Will Farrell movie!

I think you really don't have a clue of what you're saying.

«The gymnasium in ancient Greece functioned as a training facility for competitors in public games. It was also a place for socializing and engaging in intellectual pursuits. The name comes from the Greek term gymnos meaning nude/naked. Athletes competed in the nude, a practice said to encourage aesthetic appreciation of the body and a tribute to the Gods.» Hundreds of years ago, the Greek invented sports, they perfected it so we can nowadays enjoy it. I think back there, they would still know a lot better than you do.  If they want to exercise nude let them. Why is that such a bad idea? There's a constant concern these days to do things as natural as possible. I think this is a good idea, if the greeks could manage to do it so can we. You yanks are all the same. I'm one of those «crazy europeans» and I think once more you should've kept your mouth shut before saying something stupid like that. When you say gymnasium you're already using and implying the term «nude» itself.

Idiots topic and at least one hot temper!

I thought this Q&A would be re: Cosmo mag fodder...another story how to burn fat doing the "horizontal mambo" or "sexercising." Nevertheless, I am amused.

The Greek is right about the nude Olympians, but as a former swimmer I'm far too familiar with squeezing into the smallest suit possible in order to minimize bulges and make one's body as streamlined as possible.  I can say that naked ain't best for sports. Tricia's right about keeping the pups under wraps. Anything flopping around creates drag, which is counter-intuitive to moving swiftly and also leads to premature sagging sans support. So if you look great now, make it last. Nobody's gonna wanna look at you at 30 with 60 yr old's[fill in the blank]. Lastly, naked gymrats run high risk of getting the fun parts bumped, bruised, cut, stepped get the point. Danger Stranger!

Certainly, Lela, gyms are already a haven for germs. Clothes provide a final defensive layer especially on surfaces like benches and mats made of porous materials that will have many users daily and often will not be cleaned in between. It's highly likely that there will not be enough time in between for the germs to die on their own.

Lastly, on more than one occasion I've had to avert my eyes from someone in distractingly less clothing than I might prefer. While on some level I applaud these confident pursuits of exhibitionism, if it distracts my client or I from working out at peak ability that day, I'm pissed and I have no problem politely addressing this with the offender.

There's plenty of bars and swinger parties to be had elsewhere. Keep your germs at bay with your clothes on. If you're working out hard, people will notice. It's much more intriguing to imagine the muscles we can't see in the gym than to have to see it up close and [offensively] personal.

I notice cabr(sorry don't have the letters), did not adress women, and the fact that none were competing in Greece. I don't see any real reason to get offended by this post, even if I were European.

Btw I'm not a greek and I would just like to say that I agree with absolutely nothing you are saying.

I wasn't talking about performance sports, not everyone has the need to be as fast as humanly possible or the need to break world records, some pratice sports as a way to stay healthy and as a form of a stress free hobby, just for the fun of it.
It is not 2hours of training nude one day of the week that is going to leave you as one of those african tribe women with them touching the ground. I find it hard to imagine how can you hurt yourself like that training. Cloth isn't protective armor. If you accidently hit your fun parts with something it is not a piece of cloth that is going to save you from agonizing pain, you should've been more carefull.

Germs are everywhere. You got it wrong, the final defensive layer is in fact your skin, which is an amazing organ and it can protect you against most threats. If you carry a towel with you every time you use benches or mats you should't have any problem with germs.

It is an interesting social experiment. You might get distracted if one person is training nude and if everybody else is clothed, however, I believe that if everyone is in the same condition, eventualy you'll get used to it and work out without any distractions.

Last but not least, why do you even mention swinger parties and bars and so on? This has nothing to do with sex, the human body is an amazing machine and something to behold and cherish, like I said before, aesthetic appreciation. I'm not saying we should all walk around naked, I'm saying why does it have to be such a taboo for everyone, if they want to let them, there is nothing wrong with it. It is all a matter of perspective and I think you are all missing the point quite badly. Stop spotting or trying to find problems with it, there aren't any.

I guess most people think their bodies are gross and others as well but for me it's comfortable to do a naked workout. I don't have to really 'strap down' anything and when I'm done I don't have sweaty clothes. Of course I do it in the privacy of my own home and understand that the idea of using gym equipment after someone else does is not desirable but if someone puts down a plastic cover over a bike seat that's removable and sanitizes it like they do at the gym I attended before when they were clothed then I don't understand. I feel people's insecurities about their own bodies and others are getting worse as time goes by. I'm not saying to make others uncomfortable and flaunt what you got but 'gross' when you think of another human beings body seems a bit extreme. That's my two cents anyways. We all have our own opinions...
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