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Naked Breast-Feeding Yoga Mom: Modern Renoir or Raunchy? [$100 Body Language Clothing Giveaway!]

Posted Sep 04 2013 3:12am

IMAG2052-001 Yoga makes me feel gangster. And by gangster I mean duck lips. 

True Story: I was once approached about doing a first-person article about the “new” “trend” of Naked Yoga. (I think this may be a right of passage for female fitness journalists?) But in all honesty I’m a prude and the only thing that sounded worse to me than doing Down Dog whilst airing out my lady bits was watching someone else do it. I’ve never typed a “no thanks!” so fast in my life. And yet I’m not necessarily opposed to naked yoga on principle, if you’re in your own home. I do think the human body in all its forms is a beautiful creation and yoga can be such a wonderful mind-body experience that I think if you feel like doing a birthday suit Bird Dog in your basement then knock yourself out.

You know what else I think is a beautiful manifestation of the wonder of the human body besides yoga? Breastfeeding! So imagine my surprise when a woman recently made headlines for doing both. And yes I mean doing both naked yoga and breastfeeding at the same time. There she was on Instagram doing a nekkid headstand (!) while nursing a young baby. I know, it’s hard to imagine. Go check out the picture here . (While I have no problem with the picture – it feels vaguely Renoir to me, that is if Renoir dropped acid – but I think it definitely falls under the NSFW category so I finally decided to just link it.)

My first thought was “Dang, she looks good for having a baby that little!” which was closely followed by my second thought of “So does she have to hold that headstand as long as her kid wants to nurse?” Because you’d either have to hold a really long headstand or figure out a way to come down out of it without falling on your baby and/or getting your nipple stretched like 3 feet. I’m very practical.

Of course Amy, known as @DaughterOfTheSun on Instagram, made headlines not for her impressive acrobatics or dedication to baby nourishment but because her nudie shot got her account deactivated. It’s the same issue that got some Facebook users banned for posting “tastefully nude” pregnancy pics. Where do you draw the line between appreciation of the human body and crass sensationalism?

I dunno guys. There’s Naked Breast-Feeding Yoga mom doing her thing in her backyard (albeit posting it on Instagram) and then there’s, oh, Miley Cyrus at the VMAs (which I refuse to even link to). I mean Miley had on way more clothing (er “clothing”) than NBFYM but I found her way more offensive. Myself, I tend to err on the side of never-post-anything-remotely-naked-of-yourself-on-the-Internet-ever camp so this is more philosophical than anything. In Amy’s official statement her photog/boyfriend/baby daddy said, “If we are encouraged to repress our own bodies and think of them as unworthy to be naked in the sunlight and other earth elements, it creates a pathology.” Then he added we need to think of this “from a planetary level” which, let’s be honest, is awesome. I think we should consider everything from a planetary level. Does it have to be Earth though?

At any rate, as I’ve already fessed up to being a never-nude, I’m all about clothed yoga and I figure if I’m going to be dressed, why not make it cute? Which is how I got introduced to a new yoga/sportswear clothing brand Body Language . (Do I win the award for most awkward segue?)



They gave me some capris, a hoodie and some sweet aviator sunnies to try out. So I got my pose on and went for it:


Super cute! I love all the great detailing in the back with the grey (butt-flattering) stripe and the fun printed waistband.

IMAG2060 And they’re cute from the front too! Although I will add that they seem to run small. Either that or I’m just not used to a reallllly low rise on my yoga pants. My shirt is right at the tippy top of the waistband. But the waist is super comfy and doesn’t have that annoying muffin-top inducing elastic like so many other workout pants do. It’s nice and smooth!


And for kicks and giggles, a headstand! Albeit not naked or nursing. Sorry not sorry.

Want to win a $100 gift card to Body Language so you too don’t have to do your yoga naked? Go check out and leave a comment here telling me one item you’d like to try. You can have a second entry by following them on Facebook or Pinterest  and leaving me a separate comment here telling me you did it. Contest ends 9/9/2013.

FTC Disclosure: I did not receive any money or other compensation for this post other than the aforementioned three items of clothing I got to try out.

PS. This is day 3 of my GFE Week of Giveaways! Don’t forget to enter to win your own copy of Shaun T’s T25 program and the $100 Visa gift card from Walgreens!


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