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My Weekly Dose of Motivation

Posted Feb 20 2011 9:32pm
I think it's better to start off the week with my workout plan than to share it on Wednesday or Thursday.  So, I'm going to try to do this on Sundays now!  Hopefully someone will join me and get their butt moving.

I just went on a walk with my neighbor and I realized I have a 10K in less than 2 months.  Not too big of a deal, but maybe I should consider officially training for it.  Really, 2 months is way too much time, but if I say I'm training for something, then I stay motivated.  So, April 17th is my 10K, so I will start training.  Did I mention I may have another 10K on April 30th?  Still trying to decide on that one, but if a couple of my friends get their way, I'm sure I'll be doing it.  It's difficult for me to say no!

Here we go, this is for the week of February 20th...

Sunday - Walk with neighbor.
*Update, this is done, we walked 4.8 miles, it was very much needed after a weekend of bad eating, wine, and beer.

Monday - Strength training.  The Bear and Little have no school and they are both having friends over, so there really isn't time to workout.  I hope to do random strength exercises throughout the day.

Tuesday - Swim AND run.  This is a little ambitious for me, we'll see.  I'll probably only run 2-3 miles.

Wednesday - Walk with training partner.  This will be at least 5 miles (just so you know, training partner).

Thursday - Long run.  For me, a long run is between 4 and 6 miles.  We'll see how my legs feel and what the weather does.  They are calling for ice.  Ice and running don't mix too well.  If I don't run, I'll probably dust off my elliptical.  I hate that thing though, I really hope there is no ice!

Friday - Either a day off or swim.  This depends on my training partner and if she wants to go to the rec center and take turns watching the kids while the other swims.  Wine club is the night before and I am driving to Indiana later in the afternoon, so there is a good chance this will be a day off.

Saturday - Either run or strength train.  I'll be at my parent's, so I will find something to do in their basement or outside if the weather cooperates.

I know there is a little unknown in this week's plan, but I am the mother of 2 young kids and with the weather (I pretty much refuse to workout inside), I can't guarantee life will go as planned!

What are you going to do?

These shoes are going to get some use this week!

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