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My Soy-Free Fitness Journey!

Posted Jul 21 2011 7:23pm
My fitness journey started back when I was in high school. I knew I had some extra pounds to lose and of course I wanted to be one of the skinny girls at school. I would go on silly diets and even would start a workout routine that consisted of either going to the YMCA, workout videos, running in my neighborhood, the track and on the beach. These intense workouts only lasted about a week, maybe two if motivation was high that week. This continued into my adult life and was still unsuccessful at reaching my goals. I tried several diets along the way including the Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, the starvation diet, vegetarianism (which had the opposite affect and made me gain more weight), and also popped whatever sketchy diet pills that were out on the market.

May 2009 -  my heaviest at 155 lbs
 The most successful diet for me was The South Beach Diet. I lost 17 pounds and was able to keep it off for 11 months. It probably could have worked for me had I exercised during those 11 months, but as soon as I had my first hot fudge and caramel covered brownie with ice cream, I blew up like a balloon and the pounds started creeping back on. I eventually gained all 17 pounds back and then some. I attempted to go back on South Beach a couple more times, but I just couldn't lose the weight successfully like I had before.

May 2009 -  my heaviest at 155 lbs
In late 2009 I met an amazing guy who worked with me and was also was a personal trainer at a gym nearby. I overheard him giving a friend of mine some pointers on diet and exercise and I quickly jumped into the conversation and took advantage of all the information he was dishing out. He explained the importance of a healthy "diet" which consisted of having protein and complex carb with every meal and that I needed to eat 5 to 6 meals per day. This wasn't like the diets I was used to where I expected quick weight loss results, this was a healthy way of eating where I could expect gradual and safe weight loss. He then went into the importance of weight training mixed with cardio. He had to reassure me that weight training would not "bulk" me up, but that it would create lean muscle that would turn me into a fat burning machine! I took all of the wonderful information he gave me, as well as information I read from magazines and fitness websites and started on a NEW journey.

On this journey I eat good clean foods in order to fuel my body and work hard in the gym in an effort to have long lasting results and not just a quick fix as I have been used to for so many years. Clean and healthy eating has also brought to my attention that I have a soy allergy and I am lactose intolerant. Since finding out about my allergy, I have had to get creative with my food choices in order to maintain a soy and lactose free diet. I am proud to say that I have gone to wearing a size 8/10 down to a healthy size 4. I still have a little more weight to lose and more areas to tighten up so I will continue to work hard toward my goals!

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