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My Secret Training Weapon – Lean Up In Less Time With These Exercise Tips

Posted Jan 05 2012 12:00am


For those of you who don’t already know, I have been a personal trainer for 12 years now.  Over the course of corporate training I was able to help thousands of people lose weight in a hurry.  The bottom line in my business is RESULTS FAST.  If you can’ t deliver the results then  you don’t have a future in the fitness industry.  In order to give my clients what they needed so badly I developed several training techniques.  This one happens to be one of my favorites!

I don’t usually let people know my secret training tips but for everyone reading I will make an exception!

The formula can be used with any exercises.  You combine 2 counter muscle groups with a  cardio blast at the end.  It’s 3 total exercises.  For those who are in really good shape I will add an advanced level.


Basic Formula:   2 counter muscle groups (ex:  Back and chest) + Cardio Blast (30 Seconds )- anything to get your heart rate up such as jump roping, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, bench hops etc.)

Advanced Formula:  2 counter muscle groups + Body weight exercise (ex: pull ups, push ups etc.)  + Cardio Blast ( 45 seconds – 1 min) 


Here is an  example of the “basic” formula

   You can keep the same cardio blast for each cycle or you can change it up as the workout continues.    I personally like to mix it up so my clients don’t get bored and it keeps the body guessing (which helps to burn even more calories).   Do the 3 exercises (or 4 if you’re advanced) 3 total sets.  Then choose your next set until you have covered your whole body.

   By the end of your workout you will look as though you just got out of the shower (if done correctly).    If you have any comments or questions related to these fitness tips, please write in!

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