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My Progress and Personal Story :). Little Nervous but here we go!!

Posted Dec 07 2012 4:28pm

Ok, so most of you know my story and how and why I got into fitness, so we aren’t going to start there.  But, what I would like talk about is my progress in the last couple of years and why I am so passionate about weight training and diet.

Picture this: A trainer walks into a club and knows how to do fitness classes like the back of her hand.  They are second nature and fun and she is very confident in what she does.  She sees the weight room of course everytime she walks in the gym, but says: “that isn’t for me, I don’t belong in there, and I sure as heck don’t know how to use the stuff, plus I really like to just tone and that can be done in classes so I am good :) . She just kept doing the one thing she knew she was good at and life went on.

As we all know by now that trainer was me. I was scared to try something new, didn’t know where to start and the room totally intimidated me.  It was for body builders and people trying to get huge muscle, not for a women who wants to stay slim and trim. Well, after learning more and more about the benefits of weight training and talking with Joe Leal (owner of the gym) and anyone else who answer my questions. I got more and more interested to figure out that weight room and put myself to the test.  I didn’t really believe that it would do what they said it would, but thought, why not give it a try! I honestly was scared to death.  But, I researched again, asked so many questions, went to as many conferences as I could, and learned more and more, and finally decided to weight train!

So, me and my awesome incredible couldn’t have done it with out her, workout partner, Michelle hit the weights. Was it uncomfortable, yes, was it weird, yes! Did I feel stupider (that is word) every time I went, yes.  But, here is the thing, I didn’t stop! I kept learning kept growing and best of all started seeing results!! Quickly!!!! It was amazing!! I lifted so much heavier than I ever had, tried to go up in weight every single week and my body was changing, drastically. Let me add, that I ate “healthy” but didn’t make any major changes to my diet. Some of you have seen these comparison pictures but what I didn’t explain is that my body weight had not changed throughout the year.  Take a look at the comparisons and some may think I was lying, but my body weight is the same if not more. Check it out:

This is one of the many reasons that the scale is not a big motivator for me.  There is a noticable difference, but the scale said nope you have still failed.  Now, being a trainer I understand why the scale didn’t change (more muscle, less fat) but it was still a big hit to me. So, at that moment I decided the scale was going out the window!! My progress will be measured on how I feel and how I look in my clothes, nothing more nothing less.  Let me tell you, that was one of the most freeing things I had ever done. The scale only tells part of the story.

So, now I have decided to change my diet even more and feed my body what it wants. I didn’t change my diet to get thinner. I changed it to get more defined and show the muscle that I was working so hard to get. I also did it to feel better, mentally, physcially, and emotionally. I don’t have the always hungry feeling I used to have before and feel very satisfied.  I am planning on taking some new progress pics in the future to show you what little changes over time have done for my body, mind etc.  I didn’t do everything at once and cut out everything that I love and all that.  I took it slow and once I saw how I felt and looked with the new change, I did more changes. Your body knows what it wants, why not give it!

I posted a comment the other day saying “If you want to love your body, give your body what it loves”. It is a simple statement but is actually very deep when you think about it. Your body wants you to eat what it needs to perform at its optimal level and your body wants you to exercise: cardio and HEAVY weight lifting! Do you want to love your body?

So, all that being said, I want to take the fear out of every women about going into the weight room.  I don’t want any woman to ever feel like they don’t belong or are going to look stupid in front of all the “body builders”, like I once did. I want women to know they can lift more weight than they every thought possible and then some :) . I want them to see all the changes I have seen first hand. I want them to love themselves enough to never be intimidated again about how and where they workout! I also want them to get an idea of what diet can do and how the combination can do amazing things. I want them to be supported every step of the way! That is what it takes to make this a lifestyle.  That is why I created the WOW (women on weights) groups and am going to start the WON (women on nutrition) groups.  Making this kind of training and info affordable to the average person, having friends help us along the way, and having accountability will help everyone succeed in this amazing journey.

Last but not least I wanted to talk about a comment that was made today to me and one of my WOW groups.  There were ladies in the gym that saw us working out and said “I can’t believe the weight these women are lifting, it is amazing!!!”. That comment made my day and everyone else in the groups as well.  Women can and should lift heavy, eat healthy , and be happy.  It is that simple!!! :)


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