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My one word: CLARITY (giveaway post).

Posted Jun 05 2009 3:31pm

Do you recall when the six word memoir was all the rage?

(How sad is it I’d forgotten what my memoir was until I did the site search? The happy part is, just as when I wrote the memoir, the six words I’d picked still made me smile.)

Man did I struggle to wheedle my verbose-memoir down to six simple words (ala this fave quote ).

Which is all the more reason why it surprised me that, after only five days on my Clutter Challenge, one word has continually come to mind: CLARITY.

I’ve been struggling lately to find my path.

Ive been struggling lately to discern which road to travel and precisely what I need to rejuvenate my spirit.

Ive been struggling lately to clear away all the unnecessary stuff (metaphorically) & to reclaim what lies beneath.

Ive been struggling lately to clear away all the unnecessary stuff (literally) and have realized that, with loss of things, emerges clarity of purpose.

Ive always believed in the notion that the more you give (metaphorically) the more flows back to you (or, to paraphrase the Great & Mighty Oprah, if you’re holding on tightly with both hands then G-d cant give you anything more).

I realized this week that the same notion holds true for worldly goods.

The more the Tornado & I have given away the more CLARITY Ive had in my head (& in my home).

And, because we all know I like to wear my mantras, I choose to assume you do as well.

I had the opportunity to get one of these for myself (very cool, huh?) and, in the spirit of less( stuff ) is more( clarity ), wanted to pass that chance along to you.

Have you joined in the 30 Day Clutter Challenge?

Have you had any moments of I get it. I get it. as I did?

Has one word continually come to mind as you sifted through your stuff deciding STAY, GO or MAYBE?

Has one word continually come to mind as you’ve pondered the notion of mental & physical decluttering this week?

You can be entered to win the unisex bracelet below for the low, low price of one single word.


(Winner can be WORLD WIDE/announced Monday)

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