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My New Post Workout Meal We thin...

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:01pm
My New Post Workout Meal

We think about post workout nutrition way too much. I know it's a popular topic and I know all the supplement companies that sell post workout products tell you that it's so important but in reality it isn't.

Nutrition is the sum of all the parts. The meal before the workout and the meal after the post workout meal are just as important. Ronnie Coleman ( I know we all don't have the genetics to be Mr. Olympia) just eats a huge meal after his workout.

No post workout shake

No fancy carbohydrate powder

Just a huge meal.

So I go out to breakfast every Sunday morning at a little local place that has the best coffee I've ever tasted. Since they'll be closed next week I decided to head in there today for another meal.

Chili and egg omelet with some potatoes on the side.

It was good but what happened after was better. I never felt fuller, my arms never looked better. I mean the veins were just out of this world.

I'm typing this 60 minutes later and I was still full and I still held the pump.

Think outside the box with your post workout meal. Sure, the carb powders and the amino acid powders are really good but don't underestimate the power of a big meal.

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Jimmy Smith, MS,CSCS
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