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My FREE Body Weight Circuit Report..

Posted Nov 21 2008 10:01am

Remember a couple of days ago I told you that I am taking part in this year’s gift-giving?

Well, I’m just putting the finishing touches on the report I’m giving away and wanted to tell you all about it to make sure you don’t miss out. After all, you are my daily readers and I want to make sure that you don’t miss out, right?

The new report is called Fat Blasting Body Weight Circuits and I’ve got to tell you, I’m really proud of it. In fact, I think it may just be my best piece of work to date because I’ve added literally everything I have learned about how effective body weight circuits are over the last couple years.

The report will share secrets that I normally reserve for my 1:1 clients like:

  • How to Build and tone muscle and lose body fat and improve your cardiovascular system
  • How to Achieve those “six-pack” abs
  • How to Boost your energy levels sky high
  • How to Use all the time you save doing these circuits spending time with your family or doing things you enjoy!

And a lot more besides.

In fact, many of my colleagues have criticised me for giving away too much but hey, I want to make a real difference with this report and help you and the 500,000 other readers to finally achieve that dream body!

But the thing is this report is ONLY for 12 days of fitness readers. I’ve promised Dax Moy, who put the 12 days together that I would create an exclusive gift for the program so it may be quite some time before I’m allowed to share it with you and my other readers.

That’s why I want to make sure you get on over to right away and sign up for the free gift giving. That way you’ll get my report Fat Blasting Body Weight Circuits (along with another FREE secret report) and as many of the other 250 gifts as you want.


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