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My first run in my Vibram Five Fingers.

Posted Jul 26 2010 1:00am

OK, People, I must add a small DIZclaimer here.

Something we all know, but which bears repeating.

Im not a runnerunner.

All the info below.  All the rambles which shall sporadically take place up in herre leading up to Vegas are the results, experiences and misfit-musings of a 40 something woman trying to find her cardio love .

I did it.

I finally took a break from walking/playing/eating/weight training hopscotching/movie-watching in my VFFs & utilized them for their main purpose.


For sake of brevity (seriously. the first version of this post was a novella. you can thank me in the comments for NOT hitting publish) please to enjoy my bullet’ed thoughts.

  • I learned when exposed to my killer footsweat the merest of moisture the chili color turns my entire foot pink. After repeated soakings/washings Ive managed to keep the chili to the toes. Still, Im not happy with chili toes because, as I mentioned here, I love me some french pedicures.  As a result, I purchased a pair of the below.  I HEART THE BELOW.  And they arrived already pink so there were no concerns there. (according to company sources Im the only misfit to whom this has happened)

  • I took it slowly.  I already knew that just wearing the Vibram Five Fingers was practically like relearning to walk.  When I first wore them everything felt oddly out of whack and vaguely unsupported—and I wasnt running.   As a result, I knew I needed to commence the running slowly (literally slowly). My inaugural run? unplanned. My inaugural run? from the dentists office to the car in pouring rain sans umbrella. Im such a highly trained running machine that I was calf-sore after just that.  Which leads me to…
  • My first planned run was only a quarter mile. I swear Vibram Five Fingers are made for peeps like me.  Not only am I a hardcore rule follower Im also not a (finger quote) runner (unFQ).  I could totally see what a challenge it could be to resist running longer if running were your passion (Ive heard there are people like this. for me there was no challenge at all.  the feet squealed to a stop precisely a one quarter of a mile. happily.).  Because of this I really wasnt any more sore after my first official run than I was after hauling ass to the car in the rain.  Sad? Perhaps.  True? Fo’ shizzle.
  • I didn’t get any blisters or debilitating calf soreness. Id read horror stories about blisters the size of quarters & fantastic runners who could barely walk for days after initial runs in Five Fingers.  I experienced neither of these problems.  I think the sock might have prevented blistering (other thoughts? please to chime in!) and firmly believe the fact Im a huge goober/Rule FollowerMcGee & barely ran my first trip out helped to minimize any calf strain.
  • I focused more on listening than running. Id been repeatedly told I must ‘hear my run’ each time I wear my Five Fingers.  Those wiser than I instructed me, should I hear slappage (technical term), it meant my feet were hitting the ground improperly.  While that felt a little overwhelming to this non-runner—too much to remember—what made total sense was when I was told to listen for silence & to visualize  ‘kissing the earth’ with my feet I love me some silence.  I love me some kissing. Those two tips helped immensely my first (& 2nd & 3rd…) time out.
  • I engaged my core.  Again, I’m one to do as I am told and I was told this a lot.  Im not sure if focusing on keeping my core engaged or “tight” helped, but as a woman who tends to lead with her belly it definitely didnt hurt.  And neither did my core-area in the days after my run (VFF runners? please to chime in below about this as well).
  • I had lots and lot and lots of fun. The above pink-footed-cautious-moving-core-tightened-kissing-of-ground-zen-quiet running-rambles aside the whole experience made me smile.  I looked forward to shoving my toes in their own little houses & hitting the pavement.  I couldnt wait to get back outside and take my shoes a little further than I had the last time.  For me, a woman who loves the weights much more than the cardio, this alone was is enough to keep me VFFing any other benefits are just icing on the proverbial protein cake.

So that’s me.

At long last and (thankfully) not as long as it might have been.

And you?

Do you now long for chili-colored toes of your own?

Are you thisclose to pressing ADD TO CART or zipping to a local store to procure a pair?

Are you already VFFing and have tips of your own to add (yes, please!)?

please to hit us all up in the comments.

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