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My first FRAN

Posted Mar 27 2013 12:18pm

As you may or may not know by now, I’ve finally committed to Crossfit. It’s the hardest, most rewarding thing I have ever done. I will be sharing my journey here and on YouTube and my Facebook Page, so be sure to check in for updates.

This was my first FRAN. She TOTALLY has my number, but that’s ok, I’m coming after that woman, LOL!

If you don’t know what Fran is, its explained here in a post from

  1. Perform 21 barbell thrusters. A thruster is performed by holding a barbell in the front rack position, dropping down into a squat, standing up from the squat and then pushing the bar overhead. (There’s a quick video demonstration at the end of this post).  Men should use a 95 pound barbell for the thruster and women should use a 63 pound barbell.  The listed weight includes the weight of the bar.  The bar should be on the ground, with the exerciser standing, when the clock is started.
  2. Perform 21 pullups.  Immediately, upon finishing the 21 thrusters, begin the pullups.  Any style of pullup/chinup is allowed, including kipping pullups.  The exercisers chin must rise above the bar, breaking the horizontal plane of the bar, although the chin does not necessarily have to touch the top of the bar.
  3. Perform 15 thrusters.  As soon as the pullups are completed, immediately, return to the barbell and begin the thrusters.
  4. Perform 15 pullups.  Get back on that pullup bar and knock out 15 more.
  5. Perform 9 thrusters.  You’ve got the idea now.
  6. Perform 9 pullups.  Stop the clock as soon as the chin breaks the horizontal plane of the pullup bar on the final rep.

Here is my first Fran in all its glory.

Need a little visual representaion of what Fran looks like?  Checkout this video from CrossFit (provided by )Albany showing CrossFit Games regular Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet knocking out the workout in just under two and a half minutes:

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