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My Favorite Workout This Week! Army Crawls!!!!! Wheel Barrels!!! Seriously?????!!!!!!!

Posted Jan 12 2012 11:55pm

Ok, I did this workout this morning and I am already sore!!! This was a 45 min. get in, tear it up, and get out kind of workout!!  Woohooo, let’s get started!!!!

TRX- Triceps with forward lunge (power in those legs and arms, intensity)

Divebombers with Plank Jacks (this one was for my hubby, he loves divebombers for some reason)

Fitwall Cowboy Squats with side kick


Medicine Ball-uneven pushup, jump up with ball into shoulder press (yes it is as hard as it sounds)

TRX-Squat holding arms in TRX straight over head (hardest part is keeping those arms straight and over your head)

Kettle Bell- Side lunge in to leg lift upright row (I think every muscle in the human body is triggered on this one)


Ropes- Stand up and sit down continuosly while whipping the ropes up and down

TRX- Planks knees in side to side

Army Crawls- (got a bruise or two on these ones, love it)


TRX- Squat Bicep crossovers

Frisbee- Mountain Climbers

Big Ball- Feet to Hands

Wheel Barrels

To finish off we did Pushup Jumpstar Burpees

Stick a fork in us!!!! We were done!!!!!!!!

Let me know if you have any questions on any of these exercises, would love to answer them for you!!!!




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