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My E-BOOK is here! My E-Book is here!

Posted Dec 18 2012 4:00am

Yes, People.

Just in time for those last minute holiday purchases for yourself! youre worth it! my e-book is finished.


Edited. Polished. Completed.

And yet, far more pressing than penning a post imploring you to buy it,  is wanting to share *why* I finally decided to join the e-masses and release one.

I considered it repeatedly.  I love e-books.  Im a voracious reader.  Im a prolific writer.

I simply didnt believe (to mangle a quote) my e-book would improve upon the silence. 

Id routinely ask myself if the world needed an e-book by me and, for years, my response was no.

I falsely assumed since I overshare here on a daily basis there was absolutely no need to gather & edit into book-form.

Ive changed my mind.


I discovered I longed to write the book I wished I’d had when I first began stumbling down my healthy living path.

Not yet on path…

I felt called to gather the posts, collect the exercises (emotional & physical), select the videos and bring them all together to create the handbook I’d needed back then.

The guide/reference book I still need now to help me remain on my healthy living journey.

Not too bad for 43…

  • I loved the process of writing these posts.
  • I adored every moment of creating new chapters and the opportunity to share tips & tricks and secrets & stories I’ve never shared before.
  • It made me *smile* to share with my husband how energized I was by this whole project.

Im a big believer in trusting your gut.

No hard sell.

No jokey-jokey “if you dont buy my e-book in mass quantities we wont be able to afford a domicile in Oakland .”

Trust your gut.  My e-book is for you if

  • If you like my writing voice. 
  • If youre a fan of my philosophy. 
  • If youve wondered about the how and the why and the HOW I’ve maintained my weight-loss for two decades.
  • If youre curious what I would say are my best tips/posts & wished they were gathered together in one none-too-pricey place.

 All I can tell you for certain is it’s what I wished Id had when I started & Im glad to have it (finally all kinds of organized) now.


How to Build Muscle and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind is available as PDF , on Nook and on Kindle.  It’s available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon .

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