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muscle growth fast Muscle growth...

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:05pm

muscle growth fast

Muscle growth fast, come on, we all think about about. Who doesn't want to get ahead of the curve and build pounds of muscle? Now the Physique Formula is a no b.s. true look at what it takes to build muscle and I actually came across a very cool way to add pounds of muscle growth fast.

1) Lower your total volume of sets. This isn't a Arther Jones like H.I.T one set to failure but if you drop a set from your training the now 2 or 3 sets you do will be that much more intense.

2)Perform at least 3-4 multijoint exercises each work. More muscle recruited and more total weight used is always a recipe for size.

3)Drop a training day once a week. Studies show that as you increase your size and strength your recovery abilities drop by 20-30%.

4)Consume the first four meals of the day with at least 50 grams of slow digesting carbs like oatmeal or yams and have the last three or four meals with around 20 grams of crabs, 10-15 grams of healthy fat and 5-10 grams of fiber.

Try it


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