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Muscle Building Workout And A Lower Body Tip

Posted Aug 06 2008 4:00am
Muscle Building Workout And A Lower Body Tip

I was in the gym yesterday and I saw a trainer with a girl doing some lower body work. You could tell the girl wasn’t a newbie, she had some muscle on her and I assumed she came to the trainer to help you reach a higher goal. Here’s what the beginning of her leg workout looked like….

Squats superset with the leg press

Dumbbell Squat superset with leg extensions

That’s a problem

4 primary quad exercises and nothing for the hamstring. Sure, you can argue that squats work the hamstring and glutes, which they do but her form said that she wanted all quads.

How much effort do you think she gave it on the 3rd or 4th set of squats after doing leg presses and leg extensions after it? Not very much

So when you are training your lower body make sure to alternate a quad exercise with a hamstring exercise like a deadlift or leg curl. You’ll cause the quad to relax by working the opposing muscle group and increase your ability to perform better on your next set of squats.

I was back in the gym after about a week off, I’m incredibly sore and my workout took me 20 minutes.

Squats superset with Chin-ups
3 sets of 10 with a strict stopwatch 30 second rest

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press superset with Seated Leg Curls
3 sets of 10 reps with a strict stopwatch 30 second rest

Incline Reverse Grip Barbell Rows superset with Seated Calf Raises
3 sets of 10 with a strict stopwatch 30 second rest

Kneeling Cable Crunches
3 sets of 12 reps

I was exhausted and I’m in good shape (have you seen my pictures?). There’s something to this workout that I’ll explain in a few days but I was covered from head to toe.

When you do something, make sure you do it hard.

Jimmy Smith,MS,CSCS

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