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muscle building supplements I re...

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:05pm

muscle building supplements

I really find muscle building supplements pretty funny. On one hand I don't really think you need to take supplements at all when you are building muscle. Sure you're training hard but you should be eating more than normal which mean you'll have mo nutrients than normal. So it didn't matter how much you deplete yourself of zinc or magnesium or any nutrient since you are continually getting more.

I honestly only use and suggest a few supplements for. No when we're getting lean, that's when the fun start.

Stop being scammed by the fake "gurus" and magazines who tell you that you need three different type of hormone boosters.

Frankly it comes down to the amount of carbohydrates that you can use efficiently.

Since insulin locks up sex hormone binding globulin which limits the amount of teststerone that is around to build muscle and get lean, we'll need to take certain supplement just to make sure we are using our carbs wisely.

1) Fish oil

2) ALA

3) Fenugreek

Those three, aside from quality protein and branch chained amino acids, zinc and magnesium, there aren't really any other supplements that you need to increase your size.


P.S- Don't make things more difficult, follow the Nutrition Elite Software that comes with the Physique Formula just like Scott Mason from Scranton PA

"The best part of the Physique Formula was the Nutrition Elite Software. Most other programs just throw you a bunch of meal plans to follow. That works if you're a monkey but for anyone else who wants variety they stink. The Nutrition Elite Software has over 200 preloaded foods to choose me. Jimmy, the best part was that I just put in the carbs, protein and fat amounts that I wanted to eat and then it took me about 2 minutes to pick foods. Plus, I finally realize how little I was eating because the NES compares what I need to eat to grow against what I actually put in my mouth. I'm not complaining about 6 pounds of muscle in 15 days."

Scott Mason, Scranton PA

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