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MP3 Your Way To A Leaner Body

Posted by Kevin Y.

Nothing kills your momentum like boredom or distraction. Focus your energy in the right direction by supplementing your adrenaline with music that suits the workout. Pushing yourself further and harder, during aerobic exercise, will burn more calories than simply working out. So why not lose yourself in the moment and really go for it? It's corny, but didn't you get a bit of a tingle when "Eye of the Tiger", came on during Rocky 4? It's the same concept, except hopefully, your song will be filled with a significantly smaller amount of cheese, but if it's not, whatever. Since the advent of the digital revolution -- and more so with the cultural dominance the ipod currently enjoys, setting your workout to a soundtrack is easier than ever. No more clunky tapes or skipping CDs; just slip on the buds and go. Unlike listening at work, when you jam during a workout, those spaced out moments and epic drum solos actually will help intensify your workout. Music will allow you to zone out and concentrate on nothing; it will encourage your body to take control. Let yourself get lost in the music and you will find the faster and more enjoyable the tunes are, the more likely you are to keep pace with them. Shooting for a 30-minute workout? Put your favorite songs at the end and you're more likely to work well beyond that time, just to hear your tune. Whatever music it is that you're into, strap it on and play it while you work, you'll find you work ever so much better.
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I think of music during a workout as a domino effect: Good music --> you are happy and pumped up like you're at a concert --> more willing to do different things and are absorbed in music --> have tons of energy ---> smoother workout. Even if it's a placebo, hey... at least it's a placebo that works, right?
Although the scientific reasearch remains weak in supporting the notion of music enhancing physical performance during workouts, the annecdotal information received by many exercisers tells us that music can make or break their motivation to move. In 1990, researchers Beckett, Schwartz, Feinhall, and Plowman in two separate research studies, reported that their test subjects felt their performance was better with music accompaniment. They concluded that music may directly improve a person's enjoyment of their workouts, which can lead to greater exercise compliance. So what are you waiting for..... strap on your headset, lace up your sneakers, and head to your favorite workout place.
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