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Motivation and Momentum

Posted Dec 09 2012 9:40pm

Hello all.  Hope you guys have been having a wonderful weekend.  I had a pretty good one myself.  Friday consisted of a great girls night out on the town.  The pictures did not turn out great due to the rainy weather and some beverages consumed, but here are a few from the evening!  The last one is in black in white because its blurry and we all have demon eyes. 

IMG_2118 IMG_2119 IMG_2120

Saturday was a long day at work followed by a nice date night.  I was going to write a blog post about it, but I forgot to take a single picture.  Guess it’s a little rough getting back into the swing of remembering to document things.  We ended up grabbing dinner at Pietro’s, an Italian/pizza place, grabbing a drink at a bar, and walking around the city.  The long walk after dinner was a great way to end the evening.

This morning I was able to sleep in and still get to the gym for a cross training class.  I’ve been going to cross training classes for the last 2-3 months and I LOVE them.  I can’t imagine when I eventually move out of the city and don’t have such a great workout studio nearby…I might possibly cry.  In the past few months, motivation hasn’t been at an all time high, but I’ve still managed to fit in 3-4 cross training workouts a week on average, so it certainly wasn’t at an all time low.  Even though I was fitting them in, I was doing just the bare minimum of the class.  I would come right on time or a little late, when all of the treadmills were usually taken.  I’d be lucky if I got a spin bike, and I’d be unlucky if all that was left with the rower. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a spin bike or a rower, but I’m able to push myself so much more if I’m on that treadmill increasing my speed and making the hills higher.  The past two weeks, I’ve really gotten a huge boost in motivation, and I’m already noticing how much of a difference it has made!  I am trying my best to target getting to the gym at LEAST 15 minutes early.  Today I got there 30 minutes early.  I was the first one there, picked out my treadmill, and was able to burn a ton of calories by walking and running with incline before the class even started.  Then I had a killer incline interval workout during the class, paired with a great strength session and a 15 minute yoga stretch cool down. 

By making it a point to get there early, I end up burning triple the calories I would have otherwise.  Not to mention that I have to plan ahead to get there so early and walk (a mile each way) to and from the gym.  Often in the past when I was running late, I would drive or cab it down there. 

Healthy momentum, in my opinion, is really like this Nutrigrain bar commercial. 

One good decision leads to other good decisions (eating well and workout out leads you to not want to undo anything).  And vice versa, bad decisions lead to more bad decisions (ordering take out, sitting on the couch, being too full to hit the gym, etc.)

In my personal experience, I notice that if I start to fall into an unhealthy pattern, I usually keep unconsciously choices that are not the best.  On the other hand, once I start to feel fitter, clothes fit better, I can run faster, etc. I want to do more and more to see more results.  I’m hoping this new motivation and momentum lasts through the holiday season and into the new year!


After my sweaty workout, enjoyed a nice mile walk home in the rain.



Then I grabbed a super quick shower and met my friend Sarah for brunch at our corner spot.



#nakedface for brunch

IMG_2109 IMG_2112

My last week of this rotation starts tomorrow!  Woohoo!  Only four more days until my holiday break begins!

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