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Most Diet Pills do not work There is an uncomfortable alternative to Diet Pills

Posted May 14 2009 4:38pm

If you are new to the game of weight loss, you are probably already overwhelmed and confused with dozens of ads on diet plans and diet pills struggling for space on the prime time television. Almost always these diet plans and pills promise you the moon so as to make themselves attractive to the masses. The problem, however, is that almost always these dieting goodies fall short of their promises.

Take diet pills for instance. If any diet pill would really work per its promise, you would be losing weight miraculously from the comfort of your home. All your pounds would melt away magically without any effort on your part. You don’t need to diet or exercise for the purpose of weight loss.

You just pop a pill and see the pounds start going away, leaving you with a slimmer body. But all these would be possible only IF diet pills would work as advertised. But do they really work so fantastically?

Most Diet Pills do not work

In case the answer is not already obvious to you, diet pills DO NOT work as promised. More often than not, you would be severely disappointed with the results, especially if you have high expectations from them.

On top of that, many of those diet pills burden you with one side effect or other. Forget about losing weight, you might be crippled by a couple of extra diseases over and above obesity. I am sure you won’t appreciate that. It is much better to lose those pounds the hard way rather than die an early death by using those diet pills.

Take fen-phen for instance. It used to work fabulously but at the same time would also inflict the additional burden of severe heart damage on its users. If you thought that going herbal is the key, you are wrong again. Ephedra was an herbal pill; it was very popular at one time because people were convinced that it had no side effects. It used to work fabulously as a weight loss aid, until it was discovered that ephedra caused heart attacks, strokes, and even suicidal thoughts in its users.

There is an uncomfortable alternative to Diet Pills

The problem is often with the people who take to those pills. There ARE easy and free ways to lose fat and most people are even aware of them, but since those weight loss methods require hard work on their part, people avoid them like plague. However, the fact remains that if you wish to achieve permanent weight loss, there is no better option to diet and exercise.

In fact, exercising is even more important than dieting. Look at the athletes and bodybuilders. You would think that they count each and every calorie they eat. Nope. In fact, many of them eat like demons but they workout enough to burn off those extra calories. Even if you are physically crippled, you can still do some light exercises.

Most people are afraid of exercises for they believe that unless they workout like mad for hours and hours on end, there is no way to lose weight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you exercise for half-an-hour per day, and do it daily, you are bound to burn fat and lose weight. Exercises don’t need to be long and hard; but they should be done regularly.

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