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Morning Gym Crowd, Here I Come

Posted Jul 28 2008 3:15pm

First I want to thank everyone for all your input on the wholefat acceptancething. Not only has it taught me what amazingly smart, understanding and compassionate readers I have, but I also learned a lot from your points of view.

Unfortunately, it also showed me not only how horrible and insensitive some people can be, but how proud they are to share it.

Natalie Dee

On to more important things: ME.

I have been officially pedometer-free for over a week now, and honestly, I feel like Im better off without it. Not only do I not have to worry about dropping it inthe toilet, or it making an ungly bulge under my shirts, or people asking me if its a pager (i dont think ive ever met anyone who actually owns a pager) but Im getting more quality cardio in. I used to just make sure i hit my end goal of 12000-15000 steps, but now I focus more on the time (30 minutes on the elliptical, and hour walk or run, etc.)

Im kind of excited because my hours are going to change after my promotion and I hire someone to fill my old spot (which I am nervous about, because how in the hell am i supposed to know what kinf of employee they will be after meeting them once? and I might be overly critical cause they are replacing me and I think of my clients as MINE and no one is good enough for them. except me. im like an overprotective mother.) ANYWHOOZIT Ill probably be working a 10:00-6:00ish schedule instead of the 5:15 am -1:30pm im doing right now, which means WELCOME BACK MORNING WORKOUTS!! Oh, how i have missed thee. I love going for a run or walk at dusk or heading to the gym when no one is there except for the diehard crowd- i can’t wait.

The only down side to working out in the morning is I tend to feel more rushed. When its the last thing I have to do for the day, I can really take my time and kind of move at my own pace, which usually translates to a longer workout. When I workout in the morning, before work, I feel like i rush through it and perhaps dont get as much in as I normally would.

Do you guys work out in the morning/afternoon/night?

Don’t forget to head toGroundedFitness, too!

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