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Morning cardio and afternoon strength training, what a great day!

Posted May 18 2010 12:00am
Hey guys,

Back in high school and university I was a competitive rugby player. I played football also but rugby was definitely my sport. I was good at it, but not great. All my time in the gym made me a strong and tough player, but I never had the speed to really be a dominant player on the field. If I could do it again, I would have spent less time under the bar and more time on the track. If you want to be or build a great athlete, speed is the difference maker.

As you know, I do endorse other strength coaches' products, but only the ones I am personally excited about and want to share with you. I wanted to give you the opportunity to find out about this product before your competition does.

To unlock your athletes speed potential you must develop the total athlete. I just found out about a 5 DVD set reveals the secrets of speed development that many coaches and trainers are missing in their programs.

Here is my quick review of what this amazing cutting-edge speed training program involves:

DVD 1: Pre Competition teaches the dynamic warm-up and flexibility exercises that lead to peak performance.

DVD 2: Agility Training functionally progresses through change of direction skills and lateral speed techniques that will have your athletes cutting on a dime

DVD 3: Hardcore Conditioning details the core strengthening, conditioning and recovery methods that are critical to quickly improving speed

DVD 4: High Powered Training is your plyometric and strength training resource for explosive power development

DVD 5: Pure Speed Training gives you the most effective drills, cues and workouts that will have your athletes running faster immediately.

Complete Speed Training is simply the most comprehensive speed enhancement product on the market and I am not alone in thinking that this is the most in-depth speed training product out there.

"I look through dozens of training videos and books every month, and it is a rare occasion that I come across something that I feel is worth promoting. The moment I started into Complete Speed Training©, I knew that you had created a product worth talking about. It covers everything. You take a very complex topic and break it down into simple easy to implement segments that will make any athlete, regardless of age, gender, or sport, much more successful.

If you are serious about your sport, whether you are a coach or an athlete, you need Complete Speed Training©."
Tony Reynolds, MS, CSCS
President, Director of Performance
PSS Athletics

Every athlete in every sport is looking to get faster and now you can make that happen. Use the information in Complete Speed Training to put together your very own clinics or if you already have summer speed clinics, the over 240 exercises that Complete Speed Training offers will give you plenty of ideas to keep your clinic fresh and on the cutting-edge of speed training.

Here is an email just sent the other day about Complete Speed Training:

"Hello,Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how awesome your complete speed training product is. It was very well done and put together in an outstanding progression. We use many of the exercises in our speed clinic the following weekend. It was a large amount of material for a very fair price.  Complete Speed Training was the most in depth educational product that I have ever purchased."

Yours in health,
George Loft
 Performance Fitness Institute

If you are a coach, trainer or work with athletes on any level, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out these DVDs right now, you need this product in your training library!

Check it out at: Complete Speed Training

All the best,

Nathan Donahue

P.S.- Again, to discover the only program that covers every aspect of speed training, go to Complete Speed Training .
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