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Montenegro Method - MM10 Power Workout Review

Posted Nov 30 2010 2:22pm
Montenegro Method - Power Workout Details

The Montenegro Method – MM10 Power DVD includes four 10-minute express workouts to test your endurance, agility and strength by combining resistance, plyometrics and core training.  Each workout consists of ten sixty second high-intensity exercises to accelerate your metabolism and burn calories.  In this workout Marta is unaccompanied so easier modifications of the exercises are not shown.

From the main menu, you can choose to play all or select one of the individual workouts.  You also have the option to choose the English or Spanish version.  The DVD also includes a bonus section that features celebrity makeup secrets, a mini workout, an interview and training tips with tennis pro Feliciano Lopez.

Montenegro Method - Power Workout Review

The Montenegro Method – MM10 Power DVD consists of four dynamic, super high-intensity athletic workouts.  The first three workouts on the DVD use exercises that consist of compound moves with weights, while the last one is all aerobic exercises.  The workouts breakdown as follows:

Workout One: split jumps, pushups into plank, deadlifts with dumbbell clean and press with jump, squat with overhead raise and calf raise, single leg deadlift with rows, Crunches with bicep curl, single leg squat with opposite leg kickback, Romanian deadlifts, curtsy dip with knee raise and side squats.

Workout Two: forward lunge/squat/ reverse lunge combo, burpees with jumps, bent over “T” with side, triangle pushups into plank, alternating split jumps, crunches with overhead press, reverse lunge with rows, deadlift into upright row, reverse lunge into deadlift and mountain climbers.

Workout Three: jumping jacks, pushups into elbow planks with body raise, reverse lunge into squat, back fly with alternating , side lunges, side plank with knee raise to elbow, front lunges, good mornings, reverse lunges at various angles and Romanian deadlift into bicep curl into overhead press.

Workout Four: High knees, in and out knee raises, triple touch downs, tick tocks, skaters, front kicks, side kicks, squat/jab/ jab combo, reverse lunge with side twist and high knees arms into overhead “v”.

The Montenegro Method – MM10 Power workout is extremely versatile. Each of the four ten-minute workouts are great mini-workouts that elevate your heart rate.  The workouts can be played all at once for a super-intense cardiovascular workout.  They also make great add-ons onto the other workouts in the Montenegro Method series.  Again Marta goes at an extremely controlled pace for the exercises, allowing you to really feel it in the muscles.  The workouts do not include a warm-up or cool-down on the workouts so be sure to add them on.

Disclaimer: Montenegro Method provided me with a copy of the workout to review. I received no other compensation and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout.

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