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Montenegro Method – MM21 Strength Workout Review

Posted Nov 30 2010 2:21pm
Montenegro Method – Strength Workout Details

The Montenegro Method – MM 21 Strength DVD includes three 21-minute workouts.  Workout one on the DVD focuses on the upper body utilizing tri-sets, three exercises per body part; workout two targets the lower body utilizing giant sets to fatigue the muscles; workout three is a core focused workout that uses deceleration, twisting, flexing and extension to engage the muscles.  In this workout, Marta is joined by a background exerciser that shows the easier modifications of the more difficult exercises.  A set of dumbbells is needed for the workout.

From the main menu, you can choose to play all or select one of the individual workouts.  You also have the option to play the workout in English or Spanish.  The DVD also includes a bonus section that features an interview with Marta, interview and workout tips with Fernando Verdasco and styling tips to streamline your look.

Montenegro Method – Strength Workout Review

The exercises in the Montenegro Method – MM 21 Strength workout are effective and unique.  Though the three strength workouts are labeled as upper body, lower body and core, they really aren’t distinct workouts restricted to those areas as the bulk of the exercises are compound moves that engage the upper body and lower body simultaneously.  There is also a strong focus on the core throughout the workout.

Workout 1 which primarily focuses on the upper body utilizes a technique called tri-sets to exhaust the muscle before moving on to the next muscle group.  There are two sets of ten repetitions for each exercise.  The first tri-set for the back includes double arm pull-down with a squat, side lunge with double arm dumbbell row and bent over double arm row with one leg raise.  The tri-set for the chest includes double arm chest press with squat, double arm pec deck with reverse lunge and single leg double arm dumbbell flies.  The shoulder tri-set is made up of shoulder press with front squat, deadlift and jump into overhead press and a jump press with a knee raise.  For the biceps and triceps Marta drops the tri-sets and alternates between the two muscle groups. The exercises include triceps extension with a squat, biceps curl with a lunge into a knee raise and side lunges with triceps extension.

Workout 2, for the lower body uses the concept of giant sets.  There are two giant sets in the workout.  The first giant set includes reverse lunge to knee raise, reverse lunge to dumbbell touch the floor, 8 o’clock lunge, front squat, squat with knee raise, Romanian deadlift, wide stance deadlift, single leg squat with leg raise and Russian twist.  The second giant set includes reverse lunge at various angles, reverse lunge touching floor and raising opposite leg, diagonal reverse lunge with knee raise, forward lunge into reverse lunge and two pulses, Romanian deadlifts in and out, wide deadlift, single leg deadlift with opposite leg kick-back and v-ups.

The final workout on  Montenegro Method – MM 21 Strength uses circuit training to target the whole body while also incorporating a balance component.  It integrates ab-specific exercises with compound and cross-body rotational moves.  Workout 3 consists of three circuits and similar to the MM21 Endurance workout begins with foundation exercises that are made progressively more intense in each subsequent circuit.  The exercises include squat with a front twist, bus driver, reverse lunge with twist, side bends with diagonal twist, plank with leg raise and side plank.  In the second circuit various elements are added to continue to challenge the muscles including lateral twists, knee raises and overhead reaches.  In the last circuit, additional challenges are added to the foundation exercises to further test your strength, balance and endurance.

I found the workout to be challenging and the moves innovative.  Marta executes the moves with impeccable form using slow and controlled movements.  She offers precise form pointers throughout the workout and motivates you on the more difficult exercises.  Each of the workouts is great as a stand alone when you are short on time.  The workout elevates your heart rate up so you burn fat and build muscle in minimal time.  I thoroughly enjoyed this workout and it will have a permanent place in my rotation.

Disclaimer: Montenegro Method provided me with a copy of the workout to review. I received no other compensation and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout.

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