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Mobility Exercises for Injury Prevention, Better Workouts and Faster Results

Posted Mar 24 2010 12:36pm 1 Comment

Working out with intensity is often necessary to burn fat, get fit, and improve your appearance but often times we neglect our mobility and flexibility and end up injured., sore, fatigued, and unable to workout.

The best way to be able to push hard during workout while avoiding injuries is to incorporate mobility exercises into your weekly routines.  All it takes is five minutes of mobility exercises that athletes have been doing for centuries to keep your body injury free and improve workout efficienty. 

The best part about a mobility routine is that it will help you get much better workouts and better results from your workouts too.  Here are some great mobility exercises to get you started. 


Perform just 8-10 of each in a circuit then repeat and you're ready to get to work with your intense workouts.

1.  Leg swings (front to back and lateral)

2.  Reverse arm circles (palms up and thumbs pointing back)

3.  Carioca drill or hip circles

4.  Slow deep lunges touching forearm to instep each time

5.  Scorpions alternating from side to side

6.  Downdog to updog (transition slowly between both)

7.  Neck circles and shoulder circles

One final tip that can help you get even better results from mobility exercises.  If you have a trouble area i.e. hips, knees, shoulders be sure to focus on that area specifically especially if that's the area you'll be training.  So if you're working legs and glutes you'll want to start with back and hip mobility exercises.  If you're training upper body and core be sure to focus on core and shoulder mobility exercises.



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Sometimes it can be a pain in the neck to stretch before and after a workout- but it definitely makes a big difference the next day. I find that when I do a proper stretch before and after I can keep working out instead of taking breaks because my body is too sore. Great article. I will incorporate some of the mobility exercises that you have mentioned. - NJ The Neck Pain Support Blog
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